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You need a solid foundation to build a stable business. That's why our worldwide panel of experts cover all sorts of topics, from social media, networking, list building, mindset and money to spiritual growth, psychological, mental and physical health (and a whole lot in-between!). The beauty is always in the balance. 

How Unresolved Trauma Can Affect Your Parenting

Mar 15, 2023

Don't Quietly Quit—Boldly Live!

Mar 08, 2023

Coffee With A Female Rock DJ

Mar 01, 2023

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Laura Pearman

Creative Swiss Army knife, Founder of laurapearman.com and host of MwahTV

 Elaine Parker

Founder of Safer Date, the safest dating app in the world. 

Caroline Palmy

Award-Winning Author, Speaker and Heart Flow Healer

Sige Nagels

Engineer-architect, mother, philanthropist, marathon runner, visual artist and change-maker

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Editor, Coach, and Founder of The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome. Starting my own business was a passion project which began with a blog all about my own, often hilarious, escapades in starting a business. At the time, I couldn't have imagined what it would turn into. Still, here we are three years later, editing a global digital magazine for female entrepreneurs with over 1500 subscribers, managing a 3000+ strong community, membership platform, and website. On rare occasions, you find me not working. In that case, I'll either be at the beach, redecorating in Elton-Esque fashion (always a random paint sample or chandelier somewhere) or looking for ways to sneak another kitten into the house.

An eternal entrepreneur myself I know anything is possible for you, and I'm on a mission to help you live the life you have been dreaming of. If you're ready to shake things up, shed the old, and live the life you've always wanted, whatever that looks like, you've come to the right place. 


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