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I Had a Harmonic Egg Session and Here’s What Happened

lifestyle mindset retreat the retreat tricia scott Feb 26, 2024
I Had a Harmonic Egg Session and Here’s What Happened

By Tricia Scott. 

At a recent networking event, I met a lady who told me about something called The Harmonic Egg. I love networking for this random yet meant-to-be type of connection; I meet someone I didn't expect to meet at almost every event I attend, and the results are wild!

Back to the egg.

Over a chai latte and a brief discussion about business, Claire told me about an egg-shaped light and sound frequency chamber designed to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance via energy vibration. As a busy-brained entrepreneur, it sounded like the very thing I had been looking for (there are no coincidences), and with that familiar 'yes' tingle in my torso, Claire invited me along to try it.


Count me in

You can watch my little review here, which I recorded straight after I got home, but having had a week or so to reflect and let the effects sink in, I cannot wait to go back. My thinking is clearer; I've slept great, and I am more excited than ever to try all the things hanging around on my to-to-someday-but-not-today list (it's almost embarrassing how long some of those things have been on that list).


What is the egg?

The Harmonic Egg is a light and sound frequency chamber explicitly designed to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance. As energy vibration builds within the chamber, it connects with your autonomic nervous system to allow a beneficial effect and natural healing of mind, body, and spirit.


So what happened?

Well, the experience itself takes place after an insightful chat (in my case, with the lovely Claire) in her Newcastle clinic, where we went through what I needed most from the experience, what to expect, and how it works (fascinating!). Then I got cosy in a zero-gravity chair with pillows and a blanket (Bliss). With further instruction from Claire, the egg-shaped chamber was closed (not quite fully) and softly lit, and the most beautiful music (specially selected to provide optimal resonance) was played for the next 50 minutes, which weirdly felt like no time at all.

The only way to accurately describe it was profound, deep relaxation; I felt kind of floaty, not unlike a great meditation session but deeper. Not quite like sleep, but as close as I could be without embarrassing myself by snoring 😴 ten minutes of silence follow as you complete the process and reawaken fully. At this point, I felt like a sulky teenager again, wanting to beg and bargain for 'just five more minutes' before heading back into the world and facing daylight and reality.

Afterwards, on another cosy settee (she knows what I like), Claire explained what was happening in my body and how to take care of myself properly post-treatment and made sure I had an electrolyte drink and some time to relax before heading home to take it easy for the rest of the day.


What have I learned?

Take the opportunities when they arise, even if they seem out of the ordinary (they usually turn out to be the best ones). Try everything! You never know what you'll discover about yourself.

If you had told me five years ago I would be relaxing in a zero-gravity chair in an egg-shaped chamber while sound vibration worked on my autonomic nervous system, I'd have thought you were bat-shit-crazy, and yet here I am foot-tappingly impatient to get my butt back in the egg for another fantastic session. Yes, I have booked my next session and the one after that; although I am no expert, I can see and, more importantly, feel the difference in my body, and I cannot wait to re-live the experience and see where it takes me.

My advice? Make the time. Do the thing. You won't regret it.


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