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I'm so happy you're here! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Trish and I am the sole leader of The Female CEO, a community of awesome women coming together in support and empowerment, setting a new trend for female entrepreneurs across the world. Congratulations on realising that you are not one of many but one of few. The few who are ready to get it together, stand up and stand out. By visiting this site  you are realising your self worth and joining a community of amazing people, just like you. 

Come on in, take a look around, we aim to offer support and guidance through various forms including regular specific training, a community-based Facebook page, interviews and coffee break catch ups with inspirational women (and men) from across the world and a non work space dedicated to all things gorgeous such as fashion, confidence, spiritual wellbeing, meditation and even home inspiration! We have printables, blogs, reading recommendations and ideas and it’s open to anyone. You don’t have to have your own business to be part of it, far from it in fact. I am a firm believer that amazing things happen when we come together in solidarity and that’s what this business is all about – community driven empowerment and world-changing women.

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Connection is our favourite. Come on in and

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This is where we get up close and personal with the topics you've asked for. It's a safe place of learning, growing and up levelling your business and your life to a place beyond which you ever dreamed possible. Prepare to do the work, We will push you, cheer you on and hold you accountable. This page will regularly be updated with new topics, worksheets and printables and new topics will be announced in our She-Mail, Facebook members community and on the social pages. Enjoy.


If you're considering quitting the 9-5 in favour of being the boss then one of the questions to ask yourself is how ready are you? You need to be sure you've thought it out and you're well equipped to make the move. Heres a couple of questions to ask yourself before jumping in.


Ah, the dreaded interview scenario. We’ve all been there but just because they are quite frankly awkward as arse doesn’t mean they have to a disaster. Yes, you’ll likely be nervous but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Nerves are a sign that you want it and that means it’s totally worth putting yourself out for, but how do you manage to get your amazing personality across while remaining professional and friendly and showing them that their organisation would be a better pace to be with you on board?

The importance of business branding

Branding is so much more than just your logo. Jeff Bezos said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” There’s two parts to branding - the visual side of it, which includes your logo, colours, fonts, photographs and graphics and then there’s the essence of your brand. This includes your brand experience, values, mission, core message, positioning, voice, personality and more. So why is it so important to get your business branding right from the offset?


In the Spotlight is the place where inspirational entrepreneurs from across the world drop in for a chat and a coffee to share their business and their journey (the good and the bad) and top tips with you. Each and every amazing entrepreneur has as some time been inspired by another overcoming the odds and here we have a whole host of them for you to learn from. So grab a cuppa, a G&T or a green juice and take five minutes to yourself. Go ahead, we'll wait... 


- Life Discovery Coach

michelle wemyss

- Founder of Uptown Girl Shoes

jean young

- Founder of Uptown Girl Shoes

Ever feel like you just need five minutes to breathe? Long for something, anything thats not about work? Me too, that's why I created the retreat space. A non work related area of  articles, pointers and insights into a more simple life. A space to stop, think and breathe it out. You can also find some fabulous additions by the very talented Susan Smalley and Nichola English, just two of our prestigious guest editors talking all about their favourite things.

The Dressing Room

Nichola English, The Wardrobe Provacateur talks all things style, confidence & fashion. Step into The Dressing Room.

The Sanctuary Space

Susan Smalley, life discovery coach talks all things spiritual, energy & healing. Join her in this sacred space for some serious R&R

The Living Room

The Living Room is a space about all it means to be home. Hygge, comfort and design your thing? We’ve got you covered.

This is where you will find the back catalogue of our weekly She-Mail newsletters. Stay a while, take a look around and sit with us. There's something for everyone. If you're not on the list yet then you can easily join the party by entering your details in the subscribe section at the top of the page. See you every Friday! 

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