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Building a business can feel like a challenge. That's why we created this platform, community, magazine and membership, so that no matter where you are, you are never alone here. With a team of eighteen expert voices across seven countries, each with a specialist area of expertise, we've got you covered from startup to CEO. Are you ready? 


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Welcome to The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome, I'm so happy you're here! This space was created just for you, to help you grow while building a thriving, connected and successful business without losing yourself in the process and actually enjoying yourself (yes, it is possible!).

Come on into our corner of the internet and take a look around. Everything you see here was created just for you. We don't overcomplicate or overwhelm, our strategies and advice are tried, tested, streamlined and brought to you to ensure success in the most direct and fun way possible. We offer support and guidance through regular business based articles, a monthly free entrepreneurial magazine, an inspirational community-based Facebook group, spotlight interviews with passionate people from across the world and non-work spaces dedicated to enjoying the journey.

We have style, confidence, spiritual and physical wellbeing, meditation and personal development as well as our membership community for when you're ready to step up your game and gain some brand new biz besties!

You need a strong foundation to build a stable business, so we always start with your wellbeing in mind. In The Retreat section of the blog you'll find a wealth of information relating to psychological, mental and physical health. In The Workroom section of the blog, you'll find the practical business-related articles for getting it done. The beauty is always in the balance.

I am a firm believer that remarkable things happen when we come together in solidarity, and that's what this space is all about – community-driven empowerment and world-changing ideas.

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Meet Inspirational Spotlight Entrepreneurs from all across the world. Learn about their journey, the ups and downs, and get ready to be inspired! 

Brigitte Kaps

Management & Communication specialist, Founder and CEO, ExecutivePR.ch and RentaPR.ch

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Kate Gerald

Recruitment specialist, change-maker and Founder, K.A.G. recruitment 

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Rebecca Barr & Sara Scott

Founders, The Wealth & Wander Fempreneurs Academy

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