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Guilt vs Shame jenn baron reset your mindset the retreat Jan 07, 2022

By Jenn Baron.

Two emotions tend to eat away at us like rust on a car.

Guilt and Shame.

They’re often used interchangeably in thought and conversation but have very different definitions and outcomes.

Guilt is, ‘I did something wrong.’

Shame is, ‘I am wrong as a person...

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The Human Brain 101 jenn baron reset your mindset the retreat Oct 18, 2021

By Jenn Baron.

Hello CEO readers, I'm Jenn Baron, a certified life coach. 

Each quarter I'll bring you doable tips to clean up your thoughts, make minor tweaks to your perspective and take back real control of your life. Read, lower your stress and anxiety and be the real boss of your life...

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The Recovering Perfectionists' Toolkit guest blogs jenn baron recovering perfectionist the retreat Jan 20, 2021

By Jenn Baron 

Perfectionism starts young. We want to get all A’s, have the popular friends, behave in a way that doesn’t draw negative attention, get first chair in band or orchestra and be skinny, or at least not fat. 

Why? Well, we all have different specific reasons for...

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