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Awareness, Acceptance, Action!

jenn baron mindset reset your mindset the retreat Nov 28, 2022

Recently, someone posed the following question to me, which many of us can relate to.

"I started back at the gym (insert any activity) and went regularly for a few months and then I gradually stopped going. I haven't been back and I'm feeling really down about it. What advice do you have?"

I don't know about you, but I've been there and done that a zillion times with different things. The reason she's not going is that she made the 'not going' mean something bad about herself, and now her brain is trying to solve 'what's wrong with me? And 'I feel so bad' instead of just going back.  She's created a layer of shame and judgement that her brain thinks she must figure out before she can return.

What would get her back to the gym faster is to acknowledge the crappy thoughts her brain is serving up, see them for the 'error messages' that they are instead of believing them, and just get back in the gym.But brains like to complicate everything because that gives them problems to solve. If she didn't see stopping for a bit as a problem, she wouldn't be in the spiral she's in.

No big deal.

Awareness + acceptance + action = better results

Notice your thoughts, whatever they are + don't make them a problem + just go to the gym = feeling better physically and mentally. It just takes practice, that's all.

Our brains complicate very simple things, and we can see through their shenanigans when we just take a little time to notice what's happening. This is what managing your mind looks like, and it's alleviated so many of my anxious and judgmental feelings.

Try it for your version of 'I stopped going to the gym,' and enjoy the magic of taking your power back and managing your sweet brain.

To your success.


 Jenn Baron is a Certified Life Coach. She helps women see what's going on in their brains, decide if it's working for them, and share easy-to-implement tools that get them the results they want. Fast.

To learn more about how Jenn can help you, check out her site or IG.






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