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The Spirit of Your Business

business jenn baron reset your mindset the retreat Jun 22, 2023


There’s something I’ve been playing around and having so much fun with, and Imma tell you about it in case it can help you too. The props and kudos for this go out to Simone Seol, one of my favourite humans. 

Simone is a marketing coach, but once you get in her orbit, you see that she’s helping you create safety in your nervous system so you can, and want to, be more of your authentic self in the world, including your business.  

Everything is made of energy. Me, you, the computer I’m typing on. Relationships, homes, stores, and books have their own energy too. I know you’ve walked into a store and gotten a positive or negative vibe - that’s its energy.

Real-time example, I’m writing a book about how to get unstuck. And like any project, sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn’t. What many of us do when the flow isn’t there is try to push, force, and make it happen. That’s a very masculine energy, and it has its place. But in our patriarchal society, we’re drowning in testosterone, and I’m going to throw you a lifejacket. 

When the flow isn’t there, and it feels like I’m trying to push, force, and make something happen, I will get quiet, often closing my eyes because it helps and feels good; and I will talk to the spirit/energy of my book.

I believe the book is already ‘in me’ and just waiting to be created and ‘birthed.’ 

I believe I’m in collaboration with the book. 

We’re creating it together.

So when I feel like I’m in the forcing energy like I was this week when I was trying to figure out chapter flow, I literally asked the book, “How do you want to flow? What do you want to look and sound like?”

I gave myself and the book space to think, percolate, and decide. And the answer came to me over a 3-day period. It was a much more relaxed, laidback, and fun way to work through this instead of ‘forcing’ myself to figure it out.

I had to get out of my head and take my paws off their white-knuckled grip of ‘you gotta do this.’ Writing this book has been a fun and light-hearted journey when I remember to do this. And I’m bringing myself back to that space of co-creating with the spirit of my book anytime I feel the constriction enter my mind or body.

Try this with something you’re trying to force, push, or make happen. Take your paws off it, and allow some space and room for the spirit of the thing to play and work with you. See what happens. 


 Jenn Baron is a Certified Life Coach. She helps women see what's going on in their brains, decide if it's working for them, and share easy-to-implement tools that get them the results they want. Fast.

To learn more about how Jenn can help you, check out her site or IG. 

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