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When I Say No to Others I Say Yes to Myself

affirmations business mindset retreat the workroom tricia scott Mar 24, 2024
When I Say No to Others I Say Yes to Myself

By Tricia Scott. 

Do you ever find yourself making commitments for things you don't want to or don't have the energy to do when the time comes around? Do you ever make a bunch of plans on Monday and then end up bailing on Thursday?

You are not alone. It could be that your inner people-pleaser came out to play that day or that you had a crazy week, and instead of getting dressed to hit the town, you want nothing more than to curl up in your PJs with the latest Netflix series or a really great book. 

It's all OK. 

What I've learned as an entrepreneur is that if I want space in my life for the things I want to do and have the energy for, I have to learn to let go of all else. 

Those plans I made in the heat of the (people-pleasing) moment? I am 100% allowed to cancel and NOT reschedule. It doesn't make me unreliable; on the contrary, it shows me that I know what I want and need, and I'm saying YES to me. 

Doesn't that feel good? 

When you say yes to only what serves you, your experiences are so much more fulfilling. Let go of the guilt and make a stand for your life. You are the only one who can. 

Your heart knows the way. 

I believe in you (always).


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