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The Time Is Always Now

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The Time Is Always Now

By Tricia Scott.

Do you ever sit down at the end of the week and think, woah! That was intense!

That's pretty much how I felt as I sat down to write my list last week.

On Monday, we moved into a new office space. It's close to the river, has HUGE windows, a lovely breakout area with fresh coffee percolating all day, and other creative-led businesses in the building. The atmosphere is buzzing, and the sound of people going about their day fills the air. I'd forgotten how much I missed being around other people during my working day, and I could feel my brain firing with ideas in this new space.

It's funny, though; gaining early access to the building on Tuesday felt like the first day of school. I wasn't sure of myself or my surroundings and had to call on the reception help more than once when I couldn't work this or that. I had to remind myself that rather than feel inadequate or silly for asking for help, it was actually a superpower, and I saved myself loads of time. If you ever feel like that, this will help 

The other exciting event was, of course, International Women's Day! As the leader of a platform to empower, inspire, and connect women leaders across industries and drive their success, IWD feels like Christmas to me. I want to experience every event I can, soaking up the atmosphere of women supporting other women and immersing myself in every story and idea of the day. This year, I certainly got my chance!

Back in January, I heard someone describe this as the year of 'speaking dangerously', and I loved that! As a busy business owner, it is (very) easy to step away from public speaking in favour of working behind the scenes, and it is usually much more within our comfort zones to do so. But sometimes, we must challenge ourselves to go bigger; for me, this seemed like the perfect (and scariest) way to do so.

So, I wasn't surprised when I decided to accept any offers that came my way; I got a call from a lovely friend who wanted to put my name forward for an International Women's Day event with the Business and IP Centre North East to share my business journey with a room full of women. I said yes!

Then... another fantastic friend and champion of women everywhere asked if I would be the kickoff speaker at the Annual Empowerography Live Conference. I said yes!

Then... another fabulous friend and ex-college called and asked me to speak to her business associates at their offices for an International Women's Day event. I said Yes!

Ask and it is given!

Three events, three chances to share my story and my work, three rooms full of inspiring people and life-changing stories.

The prep was intense, and although all took place on International Women's Day, they were three completely different audiences. I thought a lot about what I would say and how I would say it. Imposter syndrome kicked my butt approximately 10,000,000,000 times, and just as I was about to give in, I exhaustedly clicked on youtube and, in universal timing, heard AJ Leon say the words, 'When you recognise that, this life is yours and that it is the one and only and when that ceases to be esoteric bullshit. When that's not hippy poetry anymore. When the pragmatism of that statement seeps directly into your bones, and you recognise that this is it. Everything changes.'

It's not the first time I've been hit brick-like to the face with this realisation, but it was a reminder I needed that the time is always now.

We can wait, or we can work.

We can hide, or we can shine.

I made my choice, got to work, and wrote three entirely different talks for each event.

The day was a blur of excitement, (happy) tears, laughter, deep gratitude and immense pride. I met the most incredible people, gained a ton of new readers and loved every minute until I got home and dove into my PJs for so much-needed reflection time. And this is where you find me, under a heated blanket, laptop in hand, sharing my insights with you in the hope that they inspire or remind you not to wait.

Do it scared. Do it anyway.

The world needs more people like you, the trailblazers, the brave ones, the ones who feel the fear and show up regardless to light the way for others.

You are a leader, and I believe in you (always).


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