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Overcomplication Is a Lie We Are Sold, and I’m Not Buying

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Overcomplication Is a Lie We Are Sold, and I’m Not Buying

By Tricia Scott.

I don't know about you, but this last week or two has been heccttiiccc. By the time last weekend came around, it was all I could do to get into clean pj's under my heated blanket (game changer), switch on a movie and take in a few hours in blissful comedies and more than a few re-runs of Emily in Paris. 

When things get crazy, and I feel like I'm starting to fall behind, THIS is what I need—no phone, no laptop, just a remote control and a reminder that it can wait. It sounds counterproductive, doesn't it? Let me tell you, it's quite the opposite. 

This is not my first rodeo. (I'm starting to wonder if I should have paid more attention during my other rodeos, Ha!). I've fallen into the trap of hustle culture many times, and as I write this, I am reminded of the last time I took a movie day for myself under similar circumstances. At the end of the movie was a line I needed to hear 'The biggest lie I was ever told: "It's not that simple." And it's a lie they tell you over and over again.' 

How often do we get so caught up in doing that we forget it can be simple? We are told (and sold) everywhere we look that we need more. More tech, more investment of time or money, or my personal favourite (not) that it has to be hard to be worth it, but the truth is that everything comes down to how we think and what we choose to focus on. 

You are the way forward, and nothing works if you don't. 

If we focus on what we can do (even if that's taking a few hours to ourselves), we naturally filter out what we can't. When we become overly busy, like me  🙋🏻‍♀️, we start trying to swim upstream, leaving us too tired to see the more straightforward way.

Once again, it took my exhausted surrender to remember what I already knew. Hey, no one's perfect, right? 

If you feel like it's all a bit too much this week, try focusing on what you can do.

Do that. 

I believe in you (always).


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