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No Is a Complete Sentence

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions the retreat the workroom tricia scott Jul 17, 2023

We live in a world where it seems everyone wants a piece of us - our clients, friends, family, and even the neighbour who always conveniently forgets their keys or catches you jussst as you're on your way out with a 'have you got a minute'? Or the infamous 'can I just pick your brains for a sec'?

I'm not suggesting that assisting others isn't a good thing; excellent even! I'm all for a healthy dose of feel-good serotonin helping someone out. It's more that every time you say "yes" to something you don't really want or need to do, you're essentially giving away a piece of your already limited resources. It's like handing out free samples of your time and energy at Costco. And honestly, who wants to be the Costco of their own life?

As female founders and natural people pleasers, once we've kept everyone alive and fed, our resources are already in short supply. Using the word no isn't about being selfish; it's about prioritising yourself to show up as the best version of you for those who matter (that includes you)—no need to over-explain or draw it out. A simple no or no thank you will suffice perfectly well.

Think of saying no as a one-sentence superpower. Wield it like a hot pink lightsaber and defend your boundaries like your life depends on it because it kind of does. By declining those extra commitments and standing firm, you get to create space for the things that truly matter to you, and that's where the magic is. It's in the less cluttered diary, the reduced stress levels and the quieter moments when your brain is less caffeinated squirrel and more tree-happy sloth (totally my spirit animal).

A polite yet firm no does not make you a bad person. Changing your mind from a yes to a no after an exhausting week doesn't make you flakey. It means that you know what you need, and it makes the moments where you say yes much more fulfilling because you're fully present for all concerned, and who doesn't want more of that?

Let's face it, finding space in an entrepreneur's diary is like finding unicorn poo 🦄 so this week, I want you to discover your inner 'No Ninja' and put this affirmation everywhere you can see it. Reclaim your time and energy guilt-free, make space for whatever YOU need (pj's optional but recommended), and remember to save some for me because I could use a little reminder from time to time too.

I believe in you (always).

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