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My Decisions Are Not Set in Stone

affirmations business mindset startup sessions the retreat the workroom tricia scott Oct 29, 2023
My Decisions Are Not Set in Stone

By Tricia Scott

I don't know about you, but when it comes to my business, I've often found myself stressing all the way out over going back on a decision I've made and even, occasionally, sticking it out for fear of looking like I didn't know what I was doing or appearing flaky.

Sound familiar?

What I've learned from straight-talking to other female founders is this pretty commonplace. We all carry the weight of external expectations like big, heavy burdens and act like it's perfectly fine because we made our beds and now we are lying in them, or worse, we don't make a decision at all because forever is a long ass time to be stuck with something.

The pressure!

If this feels like you, take a breath; there is another way. Our choices (even when made and declared to the world) do not have to be final and unwavering.

The pressure we feel as leaders is also where our greatest asset lies. We get to choose and choose again. There are no rules here, only learning and growing, and how do we grow? By making decisions, realising they might not work out and finding another way.

It's plain good business sense and a sign of maturity, not weakness.

Let's face it, the business landscape is ahem...dynamic. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Embracing the idea that our decisions are not set in stone allows us to adapt to changing circumstances, and this flexibility is the key to success.

Not every decision you make will yield swimming-in-gold coins like Scrooge McDuck results, so what are we gonna do? Stay up later? Work harder? See it through? Throw on some red lipstick and have at it?

That, my friends, is a recipe for burnout.

What if, instead of hammering the Elizabeth Arden lippy and buying shares in under-eye concealer, we realise that trying to push through to save face on a decision is ridiculously overwhelming, and we let that shit go.

What if, instead of beating the same old drum, we accepted that changing our minds is a natural part of the process and essential to our personal and business growth? Besides, how can we be open to new opportunities if we are closed to change?

We don't want what we've always had. We want more, lots more, and we get there by staying open, getting good rest, being in flow and wearing any shade of lipstick we damn well choose.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination; the predetermined path is boring anyway. Don't be afraid to pivot, refine, or even reverse your decisions if it serves your business's best interests and well-being. Your success is not measured by the rigidity of your choices but by your ability to adapt and thrive.

Change is the foundation of progress and resilience, so embrace it and ride it like the superpower it is.

I believe in you (always).


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