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I See Opportunity Everywhere I Look

affirmations business mindset startup sessions the retreat the workroom tricia scott Mar 31, 2024
I See Opportunity Everywhere I Look

By Tricia Scott 

As I continue to navigate this year's waters, I find myself often stopping to catch my breath—sometimes in a WTAF way and, more increasingly, in a 'wow, the universe is working some big magic this year' kind of way. I notice that the doors I once raced to stop closing have made space for others to open wide. Last year came with many endings, and now, much like the current spring season, I'm seeing rebirth and new growth everywhere I look. 

What can you see when you stop and look around? 

The key to today's love letter-esque lesson is learning to make the time. 

Often, we don't want to pause and look around for fear of seeing something we don't want to see or another unfinished task. We plough on, heads down, racing to complete, finish first, or at the very least not finish last, but the requirement for constant busyness is a lie we tell ourselves so that we don't need to feel. 

Listen, this is not an easy lesson to learn (I would know all about that), but beyond the fear, there is growth, newness and doors being flung open just for you.

You just have to look up.  

Look past the limitations and the closed doors. Where is the opportunity? Ask yourself, where can I grow? 

I believe in you (always).


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