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I Release the Need To Be In Constant Motion

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I Release the Need To Be In Constant Motion

By Tricia Scott 

In my work 1:1 with start-up founders, I've found that specific topics come up repeatedly and often continue throughout the entrepreneurship journey. Same issue: different levels of responsibility and outcome; today's topic is one of those, and it's worth talking about because, without exception, every person I speak to goes through it. It's the 'Why aren't we there already' scenario.

As a valued member of The Female CEO community, You've likely heard me refer to the staircase analogy and how we only need to see the next step in the journey to make progress and not the entire staircase, but this can be a frustrating process - sometimes we want to just jump to the top! I'm laughing as I type this because that's me all over, so trust me when I tell you I feel your pain! 

So whyyy aren't we there already??? 

When we're climbing and making progress, things are great! We may even take two steps at a time. Hurrah! But what about when we're not climbing? What about the days or weeks when the next step feels like a mountain, or we take a step back to rest or catch our breath? 

Frustration station!

What I've learned (the hard way) during my entrepreneurial journey is that every step counts: the easy, the great, the slow, the sideways and the sitting down to take a break. While they all feel different, none are insignificant—each is its own mini adventure on the way to a desired outcome. Each is crucial in shaping the future we desire most.

Here's an example, and I've deliberately chosen this one because it's often seen as the most unproductive, but nothing could be further from the truth: If we didn't stop to rest, we wouldn't make it to the top of the staircase at all and it's only when we stop that we get to take in the current landscape. What if we've been so busy climbing and racing to the top we've gone off course or missed an opportunity to change direction? What if where we stop is beautiful, and we could grow here? Do we need to climb further today, or could we plant seeds and see what happens in this place? (I talk more about this here).

Lean in today. Look at where you are. Can you find the value in this step? What can you change, tweak or celebrate? The entrepreneurial journey is simply putting one foot in front of the other consistently, and the pace doesn't matter; it only matters that we stay the course.

Minor improvements made regularly will significantly shape your future. 

Make it count. I believe in you (always).


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