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I Make Space for the Things That Move Me Forward

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I Make Space for the Things That Move Me Forward

By Tricia Scott.

Last week was my birthday, and it marked the beginning of my 44th trip around the sun. I drank cocktails and a lot of water (I've learned that hydration and balance are key for me to avoid feeling sluggish and hungover), I enjoyed a 360 immersive experience in the stunning paintings of Van Gough, ate (veggie) sushi and took in the views from a rooftop cocktail bar watching the night set in and the city come alive beneath my feet. What a weekend!

I treat my birthday like New Year's Eve because, technically, it is! I got this idea from one of my dearest friends, and the older I get, the more I enjoy this ritual. Rather than wear myself thin in December by piling on even more pressure to set goals and start January off knackered and stressed, I decided to revise and renew the commitments I still feel are viable in February.

This allows me to see what worked for me and didn't the previous year and decide if the things I wanted previously are still the same things I want today; if they are, I renew my commitment to them, and if not, I let them go. I do this over about a week following my birthday, which this year was on a Sunday, so it was extra handy! I still work during the week, but I make extra time for contemplation, and where possible, I try something new or get out into nature and let ideas and inspiration come to me. I'm even heading off to try The Harmonic Egg, a light and sound frequency chamber designed to create an environment for deep relaxation and internal balance via energy vibration. I'm very excited!

As someone who continuously has several plates spinning, I need to plan and build experiences into my week, or they can easily fall by the wayside in favour of another hour or this or that.

If this sounds familiar, consider a planning tool (I love Trello) and understand your working pattern. Knowing how you work is key to success, and you can plan your week around your life rather than letting a hectic schedule run the show.

It's time to return to the driver's seat. Are you ready?

I believe in you (always).


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