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I Am Only Human

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions the retreat the workroom tricia scott Sep 18, 2023
I am only human

By Tricia Scott

Wow, what a year it's been so far! It feels like the universe had some BIG lessons in store for me in 2023; not all have been easy to take. 

If you've been reading my Monday emails, you will know that my furry best friend and cat of fifteen years has been poorly for about five weeks. It started with a weakness in his back legs and quickly developed into hind leg paresis; from there on, I became his watchful guardian. We stayed together day and night, and not for the first time, I was acutely aware of the privilege of working from wherever I choose, able to carry out my duties one-handed from a laptop and stay on top of the critical things business-wise. 

But, as much as I undertake what sometimes feels like superhuman workloads and projects, alas, I am not, and when it became apparent to me that it was time to say goodbye, I felt myself break. On a Tuesday afternoon, in my arms, Rockstar departed this world.  

I spent the rest of the week red-eyed and heartbroken at the loss of my companion, and in contemplation, what was I supposed to learn? By Thursday, I found myself stressing that I hadn't completed my work. Blogs were left unwritten, content needed to be created, and emails went unopened and unresponded to, yet the thought of sitting at my computer and facing it seemed unfathomable.

Then, a thought crossed my mind.  

You are only human.  

We may have businesses to run, empires to build, and client obligations to fulfil, but far more importantly, we are human beings living a human experience.  And that's totally OK.

We cannot expect to work like a machine and still function creatively (despite what society demands). The digital world moves fast, and if we're not ahead, we are behind, constantly slipping into the void, our efforts futile if they don't shout the loudest or garner the most engagement. 

It's not real, and it's not sustainable. Please don't fall for it.  

As entrepreneurs, WE get to decide what our days look like - it's kind of the entire point - and last week, I remembered that I AM my business. I need to operate, innovate and create to have any business at all and to do that, I have to be human and nurture my needs first.

I needed time and self-compassion to allow for grief and acceptance; crucially, I was the only person who could take responsibility for that.  If you find yourself pushing on, worn out, depleted and ignoring your gut, I encourage you to gently repeat this affirmation as often as needed. 

Is it time to take radical responsibility for your well-being and that of your business? Remember, nothing works if you don't.  

I believe in you (always),


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