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Finding Your Inner Creatrix

claire winter lifestyle mindset the creatrix journey the retreat Nov 14, 2022

 Our idea of creativity is constantly changing, but when you think about it, creativity has always existed. You can go back to the Ice Age period and see drawings on the walls and the stories they share. We were born to create.

These days, we can use our creativity to communicate our identity, create solutions, share new ideas or bring people together. We can fuel our creativity through fashion, make-up, words, drawings, paintings, social media, food, world-changing ideas, writing books, art, and so much more.

Creatrix is defined as a powerful spiritual female creator. It is important for us to realise that we are all creative, and we have the power to showcase this to the world. But sometimes, it can feel impossible to reach our full creative potential. There are barriers that can prevent us from fully achieving it. Our lives can feel so chaotic that it becomes hard to recognise when we need to give ourselves the time and space to be creative. We can also have powerful creative ideas that we don't act which can leave us feeling flat, stuck, and frustrated.

History has told many women that we should be carers, nurturers, and in charge of the domestic areas of life. You only have to look back in Victorian times to see that women could be disapproved of for reading, especially because many thought it would make women prone to excitement or to be of a nervous disposition. Many even thought that women reading newspapers was bad because women were seen as delicate. It's a pervasive message in most cultures and is shared with girls at a young age.

In the Disney film Beauty and the Beast, what does Gaston say to Belle? 'It's about time you got your head out of those books… it's not right for a woman to read, soon she starts getting ideas…and thinking.' Thankfully the world is continuing to change, and we owe it to ourselves to shine our light brightly so we can inspire the next generation of creatrixes. 

So, what can we do to release our inner creatrix?


Create Time

Ensure that we give ourselves time to use our creativity. This one is tricky and can be different for everyone; It depends on our circumstances. However, being able to make a routine and stick to it is a great start to kickstart your motivation. Is there a time you can give yourself to be creative each day? It's all about planning.


Create Space

We all have different ways of working. Some of us like to be organised and clutter-free, while others thrive in different spaces, whether outdoors, in a spare room, an attic, a café, or even your kitchen. Think about a place that helps fuel your creativity and make it your creative space. It also helps if it is a place which is not going to have distractions.


Meet with others

You are not the only creative person who will be struggling with motivating yourself. Sometimes it's not only motivation but also sharing concerns or seeking others' advice. Or perhaps you want to share your work in a safe space where you can gain feedback. Not only is being able to meet with others great for all of this, but it is also great for social interaction and being able to feel like you are involved with others who may be struggling to find their creativity. It can also be used as a massive confidence builder. Women who support each other are strong. If you are unsure where or how to start doing this, one good way is to look online, join groups in online meetups, or meet them in person. This is why we hold online walking and writing courses, in-person workshops, and retreats.


Walk in nature

It's scientifically proven that walking can boost your creative output by 60%; combining it with connecting with nature will leave you inspired, creative and happy. Sometimes, our minds can be so bogged down with what is going on in our lives that we forget to give ourselves time to just be in nature. I believe so passionately in the power of walking to ignite creativity that I launched the Creatrix Journey to inspire women to walk in nature, connect to the source and write the words that need to be written in online writing circles. The results have been amazing; beautiful poetry, engaging blogs, and impactful business ideas have all been birthed.



Many women have struggled with how they can fit creativity into their lives, but many have shared their experiences. There are many great books, Ted talks, online courses, and workshops where women share their experiences.


Believe in yourself

This is a tricky one. Often we find we are comparing ourselves to others, but whether you are writing a Haiku or designing something new, it is all creativity. You can do this!

The honest truth is you are and always will be a creatrix. She is part of you, and you can choose to celebrate her every day.

If something lights your soul up and makes you happy, it is worth spending time doing it. The energy and happiness it creates will impact every aspect of your life and make you a better work colleague, business owner, partner, and friend because you are creatively fulfilled.

Explore and celebrate your creatrix, invite her into your life, and unleash your creativity so that you can share your soul's passion with the world. Trust me; you won't regret it.


Claire Winter is a trainer, creativity and writing coach, and award-winning podcaster. Claire uses a blended coaching and mentoring approach to ignite her client's creativity so they can share their authentic voice and story. She is a trained NCTJ journalist and started her career at ITN in radio and television. She successfully sold her first magazine business and then built a successful content marketing training and coaching business over the last five years.

She's also a qualified ICF Coach, Nordic Walking Instructor and host of the soon to be released Creatrix Journey Podcast, and founder of the Creatrix Journey.

She loves to share her knowledge about storytelling, nature connection, walking, and creative writing. She's passionate about sharing the medicine of walking and writing and how to create more meaningful connections with your audience.

Follow The Creatrix Journey on instagram @thecreatrixjourney our check out the new website creatrixjourney.com



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