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I Am Confident and Capable. I Have Everything Within Me to Succeed

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When things get busy at The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome, I find myself more and more spending my free time (what little there is of it) watching things on TV or movies I've seen before. Sounds a bit mad, doesn't it? Hear me out.  

Whenever things are busy and feel almost out of control, we, as humans, revert to certainty and safety, and I find that this is one of the behaviours I go back to. It's almost become like an internal compass. If I'm watching Baby Boom for the umpteenth time (I'll get to this in the article), then there's probably something going on I need to stabilise. 

I've strayed from the point a little, but not entirely, because this week's affirmation came to me while watching said movie, allow me to explain...

Do you do something similar? 

I've strayed from the point a little, but not entirely, because this week's affirmation came to me while watching said movie. Have you seen it? If you haven't, allow me to give some insight. JC Wyatt is at the top of her game, living in New York in a Penthouse apartment, she works five till nine, and she's known in the business as the 'Tiger Lady' in short. She has a high-powered, fast-paced life, and she loves it.

That is until she inherits... a baby called Elizabeth.

JC's life undergoes a huge transition, and she moves to the country to raise her baby. Cue massive culture shock and JC feeling like she no longer has a purpose now that she isn't working. She also feels like she has little control over her life or finances. Just when she's out of money and almost out of hope, she stumbles across making baby applesauce because Elizabeth won't eat anything else and discovers an untapped market for fresh produce baby food. 

A little while later, her business is taking off, and JC is invited back to New York to broker a multi-million-dollar deal with her old employers. They offer her everything she could have hoped for and more, and she turns them down. Flat.

She realises in the boardroom that she already has everything she needs to succeed. When they tell her they can put her 'Country Baby' product onto every supermarket shelf in America, she realises so can she! She's the Tiger Lady! She's been holding on for someone to save her, but she was fully capable all along. SHE built her business, it was HER idea, and she has grown to love the slower pace of life. She realises at that moment that no amount of money or fast-tracking is worth her freedom and time. 

This week connect to this affirmation whenever you feel yourself waiting for someone or something else to move you forward. Remember, YOU are confident and capable, and you have EVERYTHING within you to succeed. No one is you and that is your superpower. 

Stop waiting and start working. 

I believe in you (always).


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