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The Life of a Female Founder: Bright Lights, Big City, and the Power of The Disco Nap

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The Life of a Female Founder: Bright Lights, Big City, and the Power of The Disco Nap

By Tricia Scott


I've been off on my travels again! This time, taking in the sights and sounds of London. I love our nation's capital with all of its vibrancy and noise; everywhere you go, there's something new to see or experience, and I always want to drink it all in before the next thing happens and the moment is gone.

Of course, with so much to see and do, it only takes a day or two before my brain needs a disco nap, so on day two, I found myself kicking off my shoes and reconnecting to nature in Green Park, feeling the sun on my face and taking in the excited sound of tourist chatter as they went to and from Buckingham Palace.

While lying on the grass, I was thinking about life and its cycles. There are periods of picking up the pace, excited and bursting with energy as we gather momentum, fully alive and in the moment. Then there are times when we feel like we aren't moving when, no matter how much we work, things don't feel like they progress, and we feel stuck, frustrated and stagnant.  

The roar of the city and all of its colour and adventure was the former in the cycle, the shoes off in the grass the latter. We need both.

We can't sustain the adrenal rush that comes with the big city lights, and similarly, we cannot stay with our feet in the grass without action if we want to grow.

If you're feeling burned out this week, get your feet in the grass, either physically (it's so good for you) or metaphorically. Reconnect, plug back in and recharge. Make time to get back into balance.

On the other hand, if you're feeling stuck, consider looking for ways to infuse new experiences into your day. Become an explorer of pleasure in your city because you won't find the feeling of momentum you seek down the back of the sofa you sit on; the only way to experience it is to embrace the possibilities and immerse yourself in it.

The magic is in the movement.

Whether you need to slow your roll or pick up the pace, seek the adventure in all of it, and you will thrive.

I believe in you (always).



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