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It's Time for a Half-Year Audit

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It's hard to believe we're halfway through the year, yet here we are! 

As we move into the Summer and start looking forward to having some time for rest and relaxation, now is the perfect time to take stock of how the year's going for you.

All too often, we leave checking in on the things we want to achieve until the year-end, but there's a lot of value in doing a half-year audit of your progress. It allows you to check in and see if you're on course for achieving the goals you set or decide if they need to change, and have the next 6-months to course-correct if you're going a little off track. 


Your half-year audit

If you wrote your goals down at the start of the year, this is the perfect time to dust them off and have a good read-through. And if you didn't write them down, don't worry, all's not lost. Mid-year is still a great time to get them out of your head and down onto paper. Seeing them visually helps you make a plan and provide clarity to the Universe about precisely what you want.

Now, with your goals in front of you, note down or tick off the things you've already achieved. And when you do this, I really want you to take your time. For each item completed, take a moment to reflect. Think about what it took for you to get that thing done, and ask yourself:


  • How has achieving this goal changed my life?
  • Did I make sacrifices to achieve it, what were they and was the sacrifice worthwhile?
  • What lessons did I learn along the way?
  • In what ways have I grown in the process?
  • Who have I met, and how did they help me achieve my goal?
  • Have I supported other people in the process, and how?


Before you move on, celebrate

Once you've completed your reflection, I encourage you to celebrate every single win you've had – big and small!! We often tick something off and move on without honouring and celebrating ourselves. But the energy of celebrating your successes can be incredibly motivating. 

Creating a sliding scale of different things you do can be fun to celebrate big and small wins. Anything from giving yourself an hour or two to be absorbed in your favourite book, magazine or film to buying yourself a new dress, booking a holiday, and more! 


Finish the year on track

Once you've reviewed the things that have been done, it's time to determine whether you're on track to complete everything you want by the time 31st December rolls around. 

The first place to start is to look at the goals you have left and ask yourself honestly if they're still things you want to achieve: 

  • Do they still align with where you want to be by year-end?
  • Is there fine-tuning that needs to happen?
  • Are there new goals you want to add? 


A powerful question to ask yourself is, "If I carry on doing what I'm doing now, how will my year end?" When you answer this honestly, it helps shift your perspective and motivates you to make changes and up your game if needed.

What do you want/need to introduce into your life that will accelerate your progress and support you with achieving everything you've set out to do? 

Do you need:

  • To break down your goals into bite-sized chunks so you can see clearly how to achieve them?
  • An assistant to do the jobs that drain your time so you can stay focused in your zone of genius?
  • A childminder to help you create windows of time where you can get your head down and focus, or give you time to relax and recharge? 
  • A community to help you feel connected and give and receive support from? 
  • 1:1 or group coaching to help you overcome hurdles, money blocks, or unhelpful habits?  


Getting clear on what you need at this stage in the year, and getting those things in place now, will help you finish the year strong and feel an enormous sense of achievement when your goals are complete. 

Regarding the supportive community and money blocks piece, I've got you covered! My Money Magicians community is blossoming into the place to be for the best support, growth and accountability. It's a safe, completely non-judgemental space where we're all focused on supporting each other to create our best lives.

If that sounds like the energy you'd love to surround yourself with to reach your goals, your first step is to click here and take my Money Quiz. Once you've taken the quiz, book your FREE discovery call with me. During the call, we'll look in more detail at your quiz results, and I'll support you with some tips for achieving your goals. And, only if it feels like a good fit for you, I'll be happy to share more about our fantastic community.


 Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Money Coach born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Zurich. Her work is all about identifying behavioural patterns around money, transforming negative thinking and moving from a self-destructive mindset to one that is positive and inspiring.

She is passionate about helping women to break free from self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence and move towards financial liberation and she can help you too with her free money quiz.  You can read all about Ilana and her work here or on any of my social pages Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube




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