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If You Want to Create Abundance - Take Care of Yourself!

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By Ilana Jankowitz

In the fast-paced world we live in, making time to take care of yourself often feels easier said than done! 

This is especially true when you have ... 

  • a business to run
  • children to look after
  • a house to manage
  • pets to care for 
  • bills to pay
  • elderly relatives to care for.

Our lives are full to the brim with so many things that adding self-care into the mix just becomes another thing on the to-do list. 

This has to stop!


Self-care is not selfish 

One of the greatest lessons you can learn (and believe me it’s one I’ve had to learn myself) is that you have to take care of yourself first. 

I was brought up to believe that by thinking about what I need first, I was being selfish and narcissistic. Sadly, as women we’re all too often told this – but it’s a lie! 

If you’ve ever been on an aeroplane, you’ll recall that, in the safety talk, you’re told you must put your oxygen mask on first before you help others. This is exactly the same in life! If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can’t be of genuine support to other people. 

When you fill yourself up with everything you need, you’re free to give from the energy of the abundant overflow that will follow. Believe me, you and others will feel the difference in the way you support them.


Put your needs first with boundaries

For those of you who follow my blogs, you’ll recall that I’ve spoken about how I was the Martyr. Because of my upbringing, I’ve been a Martyr most of my life. Changing this trait is hard work and I have to be constantly aware, so I don’t slip back into old habits.

One of the money blocks that shows up with the Martyr is not being comfortable with setting clear boundaries. This is a skill that’s so important to establish if you want to take care of yourself properly, and it’s one that I’m constantly working on.

When you’re running your own business (and particularly when you work from home), one of the most important self-care boundaries you can have is setting working hours. Putting this in place has been a game changer for me. It allows me to politely but firmly say ‘no’ to people who encroach on my work time, which believe me can be a real challenge for a Martyr! 


Saying NO is self-care

For years, I was unable to say ‘NO’ and had been rescuing family members to my own detriment. 

In doing so, I was unconsciously depriving myself as a way of connecting to their suffering and creating a dependency on me.

Financially speaking, I was doing more in my life and business for others than myself and doing without the things I really needed. Over time I began to feel extremely resentful because I was self-sacrificing and self-sabotaging.

I’m not going to lie; when you’ve said ‘yes’ to everyone your whole life and then start saying ‘no’, it feels uncomfortable and people don’t like it! But in time, the payoff vastly outweighs the initial pain and actually becomes empowering.


The energy of abundance 

If you’re not making yourself a priority with a solid self-care routine, it’s almost impossible to live up to your full potential and attract genuine long-lasting abundance into your life. 

Be mindful that the universe gives back what you reflect out. So, if you show you’re taking care of yourself and that you’re open to receiving, then the energy of abundance can, and will, flow freely to you.  

It’s time to start thinking big and dreaming big and showing the universe that you’re ready to receive all you desire. Self-care is the first step! 

If, like me (because of my Martyr archetype), you find self-care a challenge, my free Money Quiz will really help. Take the quiz and then let’s talk through your results together so you can start uncovering which of your archetypes is blocking you in this area. 


Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Money Coach born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Zurich. Her work is all about identifying behavioural patterns around money, transforming negative thinking and moving from a self-destructive mindset to one that is positive and inspiring.

She is passionate about helping women to break free from self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence and move towards financial liberation and she can help you too with her free money quiz.  You can read all about Ilana and her work here or on any of my social pages Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube




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