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I Will Not Be The Woman With The Regrets

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Jun 19, 2023

Despite my busy schedule as The Female CEO, I always make it a point to assess my current situation at this time of year. That's why I shared a mid-year review resource recently with the members of The Momentum Business Club.

As often happens, while reviewing, I began to reflect on other areas of my life, particularly those where I may have been overly agreeable. I quickly realised that in some areas, saying yes to others meant that I was saying no to myself. What also stood out was that the places I was making myself available, were kind of unremarkable.

At that moment, I  decided that I was no longer available for any old yes.

I asked myself the question my coach, Susan Hyatt would ask. Where am I showing up as the woman with the stories, not the regrets?

Here's what came up:

⛔ I am not available to wait until someday when.

⛔ I am not available for having bold adventures when I retire, and I have time.

⛔ I am not available for small thinking, cake slices, or glasses of wine.

⛔ I am not available for limited thinking.


👍 I AM available for delicious experiences right now.

👍 I AM available for more freedom.

👍 I AM available for a BIGGER, BOLDER business plan.

👍 I AM available for dancing in my living room like nobody's watching.

👍 I AM available for multiple income streams, afternoon naps and team meetings in the park with a picnic on sunny days.

What are you available for?

It's time to stop waiting and start moving. Permit yourself to say YES to you and be aware that will mean saying no to other things; that's totally OK.

Allow this affirmation to remind you to stop procrastinating and start putting your wants at the top of your priority list. Relegate anyone who makes you feel less than the fantastic, capable force of nature you are and promote your cheerleaders, lovers and people who clap when you win to the top of your list.

I believe in you (always)

👉 This affirmation was taken from a series that I share every Monday to our Hello CEO mailing list. If you want to join in head over to the homepage and sign up!


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