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Helping Female Entrepreneurs to build businesses upon solid foundations, one brick at a time. 

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Whether building and scaling a business or just thinking about it, you'll likely agree that working as a solopreneur can be overwhelming and often lonely. You always feel like you need another pair of hands, it's easy to get off track, try to do too many things and not make progress, but it doesn't have to be that way.

The Momentum Business Club was made for women like you (and me) who have a purpose, love what they do and want to achieve incredible things while actually enjoying the process (it is possible!). Inside you'll find classes, resources and templates to support you every step of the way, and our doors are always open.

You could spend more time focusing on serving your customers and clients rather than trying to keep every wheel spinning, doing it all by yourself and second-guessing every decision.

My official titles include speaker, editor, author, certified coach and eternal entrepreneur. I drink a lot of coffee and always have sunglasses in my hair (which changes colour weekly). If I'm not at my desk, I can usually be found at the beach writing, listening to podcasts and dreaming up new ideas.

I have designed, edited and produced more than 40 entrepreneurial magazines, worked with some of the world's most notable entrepreneurs and business owners and my business, The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome, currently holds space for over 80 thousand (and counting) entrepreneurs worldwide. In my previous business life, I climbed the corporate ladder from data entry clerk to the board of directors; I have set up several companies and faced burnout... twice.

Experience has taught me that we can do anything, but not everything and that the possibilities are endless when we come together. If you're ready to shake things up, shed the old and embrace the challenge of something new, you've landed in the right place. I'd love to welcome you into our world and experience all that The Momentum Business Club offers.


➕ Access to relevant, concise training from trusted professionals worldwide.

➕ A template library packed with done-for-you, fully customisable Canva design templates. Workbooks, Social Media Posts, Stories, Slide Presentation Decks, and much more. No more wasted time, agonising over what to put where.

➕ Downloadable resources, planners, cheat sheets, printables, and timely content calendars at the click of a button, 24/7

➕ Access to me as a business coach, start-up mentor and biz best friend each month for a shared Power Hour. Ask questions, get advice and share the ups and downs with people who understand precisely what it's like.

A community Facebook group with other like-minded women to share ideas.

Weekly brand new, relevant and exciting content directly to your inbox.

To be part of a much bigger community and global magazine, tap into our audience of female entrepreneurs and get first access to features and PR opportunities—every month. 

Monthly Gazette 

At the beginning of each new month receive news of what's in store, opportunities to get involved and outside resources I've tried and tested to save you time, energy and money.

Weekly Email 

Each Monday you can expect a brand new affirmation, a members-only note from me and a heads-up on what's coming available to you that week. 

Monthly Power Hour 

Come and hang out with me for an hour each month while we discuss your business. The good, the bad and the hilarious. Bring your coffee, wine, gin or green juice and let's get down to business. 

You feel overwhelmed at the volume of work to start, market and run a business  

You love your work and have great clients but need to proactively market, build an email list and become more visible

You are Ideas rich and time-poor

You spend hours watching YouTube videos and how-tos wishing you had practical tools and guides to produce results and save time

You love you business and everything in it one minute and feel completely defeated when you can't work something out the next

You sometimes feel like your talking to the wall when discussing your biz ideas with family and friends 

You feel like you are working tirelessly with little or no return

You feel worn out and in need of some self-care to boost your routine and get your creativity flowing 

You want to get in front of a bigger audience but don't yet have a PR budget 

Packed out with masterclasses, guides, cheat sheets, time-saving templates, and content calendars (plus much more) our 24/7 library will help you to elevate your business and save you a ton of time! 

I Want In

Joining momentum is like having a modern great Alexandra library at my fingertips. A wealth of knowledge is available, and everyone is so helpful and inspiring.

Being a momentum member is like having twenty + business coaches all willing to guide me so I can create a unique and successful business. As a business community, we support and empower each other by sharing our knowledge so we all can grow individually and as a community.

Since joining The Momentum Business Club, I have become more confident, knowing I have a supportive network behind me.

The Momentum Business Club is the perfect tool for me as a busy working woman because I can log in at any time and find what I need when I need it.

I’m not held to ‘office hours’ and can pick and choose when I participate.

The social media templates and workbooks make life so much easier and allow me to be able to do the job I love without having to think about other things that may not be the best use of my time and energy.

I have loved being a Momentum member. In particular, the planning sessions and support have helped me to gain the focus I needed to really drive my business forward.

Thanks to the sessions I have been able to sign more clients and create a more streamlined business model that gives me more time freedom.


£45 £25

Top features

  • 24/7 library access 
  • New content each week to help you build your business 
  • Members-only newsletter 
  •  Monthly group members call 
  • Free digital copy of Create Evolve Overcome Magazine each quarter 
  • Monthly payment, no tie in
  • Members forum access