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I Am Not Always Available, and That’s Ok

affirmations mindset retreat startup sessions the workroom tricia scott Dec 17, 2023
I Am Not Always Available, and That’s Ok

By Tricia Scott.

Before you start picturing me as the proverbial Grinch, let me begin by saying I love this time of year; I mean really love it. I love it so much that I have, in the past, given myself full-on anxiety and stress hives, saying yes to everything and everyone. Yes, to attending every party, cooking for the masses, staying on top of my vast workload and still showing up positively radiant (read, covered in shiny moisturiser), dressed to impress with a healthy dose of underlying guilt for not managing to do more. 

Of course, this was not sustainable. By January, I could barely crawl into recovery mode before social media began heralding messages about setting BIG goals and talk of New Year resolutions filled the air. 

Spare me. 

I realise now, as I move further through my entrepreneurship journey, that it didn't have to be this way; it was a choice I made from a place of people-pleasing and genuinely wanting everyone around me to have a wonderful time, and there was nothing wrong with that, except it was at my own detriment. In my want (obsession) to create the perfect holiday season for those around me, I was wearing myself too thin, and the kicker is that in doing so, nobody was getting the best of me, so in fact, by trying to give everyone more I was actually giving them less! 

Perhaps you're experiencing something similar? If that's the case and the pre-Christmas pressure is on, consider pausing (right now) and repeating the above affirmation. And that doesn't have to mean that you cut off everyone and everything with a resounding NO; it just means that you get to make more intentional and gentle choices.

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less sums this up perfectly when she suggests honouring the yes AND the no. Courtney says, "When you have trouble resisting or saying no to everything that comes your way, remember how you feel when you say yes to too much. Then, think about how you feel when you say yes to the right things, to what matters most to you. When you say yes to what you care about and what you love, it feels so good. To do that, you have to say no to the rest."

Choose wisely. Whether it's a party invite, work request, or a new client wanting to onboard on December 24th at 6 pm following sixteen frantic WhatsApp messages, understand that it's OK not to be available. 

Choose your experience this Christmas. Say yes... and no, and above all, remember that a magical holiday season starts with you. If something costs you your peace or freedom, it's already too expensive. 

I believe in you (always).


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