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How to Effectively Engage Your Audience Through Storytelling

business claire winter cracking content the retreat Jun 15, 2021

By Claire Winter

We all love a good story, and there are stories underpinning everything, from marketing campaigns to the launch of a new business. We were telling stories around campfires thousands of years ago. Effective storytelling can make us feel connected to others and the world. 

So, how can you effectively use storytelling to make a meaningful impact?


Be Personal

You could quite easily sell a product or service by stating the facts, but would you be engaged if someone sat you down to tell you a long list of pros, cons, and characteristics? Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: ‘You buy from who you like.’ Well, it’s true. When we connect with the speaker and feel their story as part of our own, we are much more likely to place trust in them. So, share your weaknesses and don’t be afraid to be authentically yourself - that is more powerful than any marketing tool.


Help Your Audience Visualise

Words are powerful - there is no denying it - but many of us are visual learners. Don’t forget to include photos, which alone will trigger relevant messages and make your content more exciting. Alternatively, dive deeper into using visual imagery within your story. Carefully choose your words to describe every detail as this will encourage dynamic mental images in the head of the consumer. This is how you keep even the content-skimmer entertained!


Show The Story

Show don’t tell. We’ve all heard it before. But it can really do wonders for marketing your business. Whether you’re sharing a testimonial, standing up in front of a crowd or writing a blog post, you can bring your content alive with a video or re-enactment. As a consumer, when we are looking into the eyes of the storyteller, we are much more likely to resonate with the words that leave their mouth.


Create A Story Arc

No story runs from beginning to end without a little conflict, so don’t be afraid to share obstacles and how they were overcome. Building tension is key to keeping your audience’s attention, and they are much more likely to listen when there is an inspiring story with a little conflict at stake.


Use these four effective storytelling techniques to give power to your brand’s voice and captivate your target audience. Storytelling is never easy, and sometimes you may have to test out a few different strategies. However, these techniques will keep you grounded in authenticity, and help you to connect with your audience on a personal level. Show your inner confidence and use your voice to make true connections with the inspiring and powerful tales you tell.


Claire Winter is the host of the Cracking Content podcast and a Copy and Content trainer and coach. She is passionate about helping coaches and creative entrepreneurs to amplify their expertise through storytelling, content, and PR so that they can get more sales and make a bigger impact through 1:1 coaching, her digital courses and membership.

Claire currently writes for all 41 Families magazines that cover the UK, which reach 9 million parents a year. She has have been a content creator for 20 years and helped thousands of business owners get more sales with their content marketing. She is a trained NCTJ journalist and started her career at ITN in radio and television. She also runs a free Facebook community called Cracking Content where she shares writing, content, and PR tips. 




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