Five Reasons Why Guest Blogging is Important

claire winter cracking content the workroom May 07, 2021

By Claire Winter

You may be thinking, ‘Why should I spend time and effort writing for someone else’s blog and not my own?’

It may seem counterproductive, but guest blogging is highly effective for growing your business or blog. From improving domain authority to increasing subscribers to building your credibility - the list of advantages is endless!


Here are five key reasons why you should start guest blogging today:


Builds Rewarding Relationships

Whilst you may not have started writing content to make friends, building connections with other business bloggers and influencers is a huge part of getting your name out there. You don’t need to reach out to everyone you come across; simply find those relevant bloggers in your niche and offer a guest blog. Not every interaction will be successful, but you will build credibility over time.


Boosts Rankings and Brand Awareness 

Every time you guest blog, you have the opportunity to drive extra traffic to your website. Plus, gaining backlinks from other successful blogs increases your domain authority, thus boosting your search engine ranking. If you don’t know what your domain authority is, you can check it on All you have to do is find relevant bloggers within your niche (but not a direct competitor) that have a similar audience to your own and who will include links to your blog. Your overall visibility will increase over time with the potential of securing lots of new followers as they will also share it on their social channels.


Encourages Professional Growth

Perhaps you’ve got a little slack with writing your own content. However, as soon as a guest blog is on the horizon, you’ll want to step up! This opportunity will help you to review your own writing process and ensure you’re producing top quality content. As a result, when you land back at your home blog, you may just find you’re a little better at it.


Establishes Authority

It’s no big news that building a blog takes a lot of time and effort. This is why guest blogging on authoritative websites that are already well established in the field is super helpful for your own progression. You can offer fresh insights and a unique perspective to their audience, and in turn, they will share your content with their audience.


Shortens the Sales Cycle

If your goal is to acquire leads and grow your business, you are likely already familiar with the sales funnel - awareness, interest, desire and action. But did you know that guest blogging has the power to reduce this time frame? This is because presenting your brand message and values through a guest blog builds authority, which increases brand trust, and consumers are much more likely to buy from a business they can count on.


Are you ready to get started? Make sure to write down your goals - anything from increasing exposure to gaining leads - and reach out authentically to relevant bloggers in your niche. It can be a scary prospect at first, but trust in your ability to offer unique, valuable content to a wider audience. If you’re truly dedicated and apply the right strategy, you will see worthwhile results.


 Claire Winter is the host of the Cracking Content podcast, and a Copy and Content trainer and coach. She is passionate about helping coaches and creative entrepreneurs to amplify their expertise through storytelling, content and PR so that they can get more sales and make a bigger impact through 1:1 coaching, her digital courses and membership.

She currently writes for all 41 Families magazines that cover the UK, which reach 9 million parents a year. She has been a content creator for 20 years and helped thousands of business owners get more sales with their content marketing.

A trained NCTJ journalist, Claire started her career at ITN in radio and television. She also runs a free Facebook community called Cracking content where she shares writing, content and PR tips.



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