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10 Spiritual Practices to Grow Your Business

ambila nath business lifestyle the retreat the workroom zen den Mar 12, 2022

By Ambila Nath.

You might be thinking that spiritual practices and business don't mix. I know I used to. I hid my spiritual side for years - fear of judgment from others, but I mainly didn't know how to bring logic and spirituality together to serve my clients.

I mean, let's be honest, most business owners think that spirituality is woo woo or that they will be converted into a cult! It's just not a widely embraced concept.

So, let's do a business owner health check.

• How are you feeling? 

• Do you feel in control? 

• Are you feeling overwhelmed?

• Or are you just cruising along knowing that you are doing great?

Whichever one you may be feeling right now, at some point or another, you will have felt the stress of running your own business. As business owners, we are the drivers, and if we are not in optimum health, then it will impact our whole business at some point, right? 

You don't need to read this article for me to know that you will have experienced being overwhelmed many times by now. The question is, what are you going to do next? Keep pushing forward and ignoring the signals you are being sent! 

I hope not; if you do, you're heading straight for burnout.

So if you are feeling stuck in your business right now and not sure what to do next, look into the spiritual practices below and use the ones that resonate with you to help you get back on the right path.


10 Practices To Help Shift Your Business. 


Keep An Open Mind

This is probably the most important, especially if you are just starting with this concept. Keep an open mind. Translated, it means allowing the practices a chance and time to give you and show you the results.


Be Grateful

Gratitude in any area of life is a great thing but adding it into a business (as a daily practice) will help your business achieve massive shifts. Gratitude is energy, and energy works as a magnet - like attracts like. The more gratitude you show to the things happening in your business, the more abundant opportunities you will attract.


Use Pen to Paper

Writing things down allows us to be fully present with our thoughts and ourselves. When you bring your thoughts into your conscious mind, it will enable you to see what's important and where you want or need to put your focus. 


Shed What No Longer Serves

It can be easy to rely on what worked yesterday as a business owner. Just as we're on a personal journey that involves continual growth and many changes, our business is also constantly evolving as well. It can be a good practice to regularly look at your business with fresh eyes to determine what to let go of and where to make changes.


  • Systems

Clear out all your digital system (computer, hard drives, cloud storage etc.) of old files, memory, web history and everything else that is no longer used or needed in your business.


  • Environment 

Clear out all the furniture, pictures, dead plants/leaves, equipment, files, draws, and absolutely every corner of your space of things that are broken, no longer needed or no longer used. 


  • People

Let go of the people in your network who no longer serve your business, vision or values. 


Incorporate plants and colour

Living things are all about growth and renewed energy. If you don't have any, look into getting plants and colour into your environment to boost energy and abundance.


Trust your own 'Gut Feeling'

This is the feeling when you know something feels either right or wrong without any logical explanation or reasoning. It's also known as your intuition. The more you follow your gut feeling, the more you connect with your true inner self or spirit. Being intuitive makes you engage your right brain, where emotions, senses, inspiration and creativity lie. As an entrepreneur, this is a valuable thing to practice, as it will help improve the balance between your creative and logical mind. 


Treat others well

This isn't about 'how you'd like to be treated', but it's looking at "treating others how THEY want to be treated". We all are individuals with different wants and needs, so recognising this will make people feel valued and appreciated, thus keeping the energy positive and respectful.


Don't Give Your Power Away

When you are in your true self-power, you feel confident, fearless, equal to everyone and immune to criticism. As a leader, challenges and hurdles are inevitable, but you also know that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. Don't let others pull you down.


Tune in to Your Own Frequency

Any great spiritual teacher will share the importance of managing your energy, and for business owners, this is critical advice. Our businesses directly reflect our energy, which is why it's essential to know how to manage and keep that energy balanced as a leader. Take the time to tune in and listen to what your body needs. Look into meditation, visualisation, taking regular breaks and finding the balance between work and downtime. All these things can do wonders for raising your energy vibration and what you attract into your life.


Focus on the Why

In any business, it's essential to know why you are doing what you are doing. This small, but crucial answer is a reflection of your energy, the energy of your business and what your customers pick up from you. It tells them whether you are being authentic and emotionally connected to them and understand their needs.


End Note

Bringing spirituality into your business doesn't have to be scary or so out there that you feel you have to change your faith. Taking that first step and doing one of the practices above regularly will make your day, business, and life more nourishing and abundant.

Let me know how it goes. Just message me @ambilanath 


Ambila Nath is a serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual teacher, international speaker and an avid follower of her passions. She is known by her clients as ‘The Girl Next Door of Spirituality’.

With a corporate background in management consulting, Ambila is far from your stereotypical Spiritual Coach. She went from a 6 figure corporate job to having a spiritual business. She has worked with clients spanning 4 Continents and she knows that the greatest journey you can take is the one to build a relationship with yourself. Life isn't complicated - we are!

Ambila helps you to fall in love with your business again by aligning your energy, shifting your mindset and creating positive daily habits to grow your business using the 8-step Elevation process. The key to manifesting the Business you dream of. . . is knowing who you are!

You can find more about Ambila and her work here or look her up on LinkedIn, drop by on Facebook or Instagram or even watch her on Youtube



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