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Whatever I Get Done Today, It Is Enough

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Aug 20, 2023
Whatever I Get Done Today, It Is Enough

By Tricia Scott 

Running a business is challenging, even more so when we have commitments outside of work for which we need to be present.

Everyone I meet is juggling all of the things, trying to keep 100,000,000 plates spinning, constantly amazed at the end of the day when the precarious house of cards remains standing.  

Perhaps this is you at the moment, kids off school, business to run, family to care for, friends and commitments to satisfy, curveballs to swing at... the list goes on, and no one is immune (no matter what their Instagram says). 

Life threw me such a curveball two weeks ago, and my fifteen-year-old cat got sick. As I write to you today, we're on day number sixteen of nursing day and night. I am severely sleep-deprived, working from a blanket on the sofa, trying to remember how to string a cohesive sentence together while keeping one eye on my Rockstar and the other on the list of mounting business-related tasks in my inbox.  

Several times over the last few days, I have noticed berating myself for not keeping to my schedule and watching the tasks moving towards a mountain at the end of the week, feeling panic at the thought of fitting 14 days into the following seven. Then I remember...  

Whatever I get done today, it is enough. 

Whether it's one task or ten, it is enough. It is enough that I stay home, care for Rockstar, take vet trips and work between delivering medication, cleaning up, comforting and allowing space for healing. 

It is enough.  

I am still working, it's keeping me sane, but I don't have to tick every task off the list today, and neither do you. 

Whatever you get done today, it is enough. 

If this resonates with you, put this affirmation somewhere you can see it. I have mine alternating on my mobile home screen with my monthly affirmation from The Momentum Business Club, and when you feel the panic set in, remind yourself.  You are doing enough, and you are enough, and I believe in you (always). 


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