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What I Have to Say Matters, and I Will Show Up for Myself

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Jul 30, 2023

This week, The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome won two awards—Female Led Publishing Platform of The Year 2023 and Most Empowering Media CEO 2023 for me. 

Needless to say, when I found out, I was thrilled.

Winning awards in any industry is always a moment of pride and accomplishment, but when your work is so deeply entrenched in your personal values, it feels even more incredible.

Upon receiving the news, I noticed several things. 

- I was excited

- I was filled with a sense of accomplishment

- I couldn't dial the phone fast enough to tell my closest people

- I hesitated to create social posts to announce the news 

- I wondered if I should post on my personal pages 

- I was amazed that my voice had been recognised among some of the most prominent leaders of the year. 

- I wondered how to tell people so as not to seem 'too much' 

Interesting huh? 

I have worked my ass off day in and day out to build this business. I have networked like a maniac, driven thousands of miles, laughed, cried, faced burnout (twice), ran out of money more times that I care to remember, published close to 50 magazines and built a following of close to 100,000 women worldwide, and yet I wondered (for a moment) if I should celebrate. 

I tell you this because a) it's an important reminder to catch those thoughts as they appear and recognise them as just thoughts and b) to let you know that whatever our accomplishments are, there is often a seed of doubt lurking around, and it's perfectly normal. 

Often we're all working away, so busy getting on with the day-to-day that we forget to look up and see how far we've come. To truly recognise that our ideas have value, what we have to say is important, and that our work makes a difference in the world and if we do notice, we play it down. 

Not any more. 

Whether this email finds you thinking about taking the first baby step towards a business and wondering if you can make it work or in the midst of negotiating the next level of 7 figure success, take this affirmation and remind yourself what you have to say matters. 

You will have doubts along the way; speak up anyway. 

You will wonder if anyone is listening or watching, show up regardless. 

You will throw in the towel time and time again, take a break and get back to work. 

Every time you show up, you inspire someone else to keep going. Every day you decide not to give up, someone else is given hope to pick themselves up and try again. 

If you have something to shout about, celebrate the shit out of it. You did not come this far not to tell the world that you came this far.

Repeat after me: 

What I have to say matters. 

I will not downplay my success to keep others comfortable. 

If I have something to say, I will say it.

I am worthy of my success. 

Nothing is going to stop me from achieving what I set out to do.

Connect to this affirmation (and the others above) in the coming week, and any time you feel yourself shrinking to fit in, I want you to read these out loud. Hear yourself speaking the words and know that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

If you're looking for me this week, I'll be somewhere gloriously unapologetic in my dancing shoes and most OTT outfit... just follow the trail of glitter, and you'll find me. 

I believe in you (always); it's time you did too. 


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