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The Quality of My Life Is Consistent With the Quality of My Decisions

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Aug 13, 2023
The Quality of My Life Is Consistent With the Quality of My Decisions

So here we are, eight months into 2023, and, I don't know about you, but it's been a wild ride so far over here. 

The more this year pans out, the more I learn and become curious about why I do things in certain ways. For example, when my amazing nana passed away in January, I sat by her bed for days on end. We didn't go home; we just lived in the room alongside her. Until then, my business was pretty much seven days per week, and if you'd asked me at the time, I'd have told you I could do with 8. 

It never seemed to get done; the lists were endless, and yet when I needed to just be in that room, I was. 

Weeks later, when I finally returned to my desk, I realised that not only was the business still functioning it was actually in decent shape. Yes, I was behind but so what? The world had carried on, even in my absence (shocker!), and that day, as I opened Trello to sort through the hundreds of unfinished tasks in full 27 Inch technicolour, I drew a line in the sand. 

I. Hit. Delete. 

Staring at a blank canvas, I decided I was no longer available for seven days a week working, and I gifted myself an entire family day every Thursday. Non-negotiable. 

The truth is, in the busyness of my everyday work, I'd forgotten about myself. Yes, I could start and grow a business, but I still needed to benefit from it. My decisions were rooted in scarcity, always moving on to the next thing and never stopping to look at the bigger picture, like having an actual life. I realised that the quality of my life up until that point was consistent with the quality of my decisions, which were poor at best. 

That one decision to take a non-negotiable day every week remains firmly in place to this day. That seemingly small act realigned me with who I wanted to be. I was no longer the woman making small choices and expecting big outcomes; I was choosing for myself and choosing better, deliberately paving the way to the inspired life I want to live, and you can do that too. 

Start today. Permit yourself to say yes to you, even if it means some things won't get done today or this week. Make better, informed decisions based on what you want and design your days around that. Where do you want to be? Where have your decisions gotten you so far? 

Is it time for a shake-up? 

Go ahead. I'll be over here waiting to hear all about it. 

I believe in you (always),


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