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The Power of a Professional

business ilana jankowitz mindset money money matters the workroom Dec 30, 2021

By Ilana Jankowitz.

If you've ever read my story on my website, you'll know that I grew up around a lot of scarcity.

My scarcity beliefs came with some deep routed traumas, and, growing up, my fear around money felt very real. My childhood experience of spending came with extremes that swung wildly between lack and indulgence.

Not surprisingly, when I was finally old enough to control my own money, I found myself overcompensating and operating from a place of fear of not having enough. Thank goodness I went for coaching!

I've dedicated a lot of time working through the blocks and attachments I had to scarcity through my coaching journey and now have a different, healthier mindset. This is why I continue to do the work I do - because I believe we're all constantly creating money stories. I'm a completely different person now and see prosperity and abundance in every area of my life. The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

Which is why a recent experience completely knocked me sideways!

I needed help!

I'm currently having a beautiful new website made, and a while back decided that I wanted some new images. I wouldn't say I like having my photo taken at the best of times, but the idea of having professional photos that would be out in the public domain started getting me into a bit of a spin. I felt completely stressed out, and my head was filled with all sorts of thoughts.

"I can't wear that anymore!"
"I can't wear black."
"I feel fat – maybe I should wait until I lose some weight."
"Shopping is so stressful. I hate it!"

Can you relate?

Eventually, I decided enough was enough. I knew I needed professional help with my wardrobe dilemma, so I reached out to Monika Mueller from Signature Five.


Professionals are a godsend

Monika is now my fashion angel! She strikes a beautiful balance between being highly professional and incredibly kind and approachable. Her softly spoken warmth and vast fashion knowledge immediately put me at ease. There's something so calming about knowing you're in the safe hands of someone who knows their stuff.

I explained to Monika that I had a photo shoot coming up on our first call. We chatted about what I needed and wanted, but honestly, I had no idea about either! I didn't know what colours I liked, styles I liked, or even suited me.

Not phased by my lack of knowledge, Monika took over and got to work creating mood boards and searching stores online for the perfect pieces to fit my needs. I cannot tell you the relief I felt – Monika made the entire experience so unbelievably easy and stress-free for me. She gave me back hours and hours that I could instead use to focus on my business.

Once Monika finished her selection, she sent me links to each item to go ahead and make my purchases. In the end, I ordered two sizes of everything because I didn't even know my size – no joke! We are doing the Signature program, and it is something I should have done years ago.

What on earth is happening to me!

That night, purchases made, I suddenly woke up at 3 am in a complete panic!

"What have I done!"
"Why am I overindulging!"
"Why am I spending money on myself!"
"Why didn't I just buy one item or do my photos for the website another time!"

And then the big one hit me.

"This is a luxury, and I DON'T DESERVE IT!"

I couldn't believe the fear and flood of scarcity and lack that came up. Surely I'd dealt with these feelings years ago!?


With knowledge comes the calm.

The following day, with my head still in a spin, I took myself off for a walk in the forest to give myself a good talking too!

Dropping out of my head and the noise of my ego, I could finally hear all the things that I knew were true, that I was okay. I have more than enough to do this. I'm worthy, abundant, deserving, confident and want to show up and be seen.

All the money work I've done over the years allowed me to shift my mind from fear and panic into truth. And, knowing that I was in such safe and professional hands with Monika calmed me and gave me security that the purchases I'd made were an investment in me and my business.

I'm sharing this because I don't believe for one minute that I'm the only one that experiences feelings like this – nor am I the only one where they come back time and time again.

I want you to ask yourself right now.

  • Do you deprive yourself of living abundantly?
  • How often do you miss out on going to extraordinary events because you believe you have nothing to wear?
  • Do you allow yourself to dress as the successful woman you are/are working to become?
  • Do you hate shopping like I did and want a fashion angel like Monika to support you?

Working with a professional like Monika has been life-changing for me. Before this experience I would rather have gone to the dentist than shop, that's how much I hated it! But I'm so excited I decided to reach out for Monika's help. The signature style we're creating together feels perfect for me and my lifestyle. Monika's inside-out approach to styling has helped elevate my confidence to new levels, and I couldn't be happier.
We all deserve to feel confident in our bodies and look our best. I've waited a lifetime for this experience – please don't wait so long!

You can find out more about Monika over on her website. And if you're ready to take action and embrace your unique style, I highly recommend taking a look at Monika's fabulous 'Style With Confidence' online course.


 Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Money Coach born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Zurich. Her work is all about identifying behavioural patterns around money, transforming negative thinking and moving from a self-destructive mindset to one that is positive and inspiring.

She is passionate about helping women to break free from self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence and move towards financial liberation and she can help you too with her free money quiz.  You can read all about Ilana and her work here or on any of my social pages Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube



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