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The Only Way Out Is Through

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott May 22, 2023
Tricia Scott

Do you ever feel like the journey just doesn't make sense? 🤷‍♀️

Me too.

I often used to find myself having WTF moments, taking strides forwards and leaps backwards. My business journey began to feel more like a game of snakes and ladders (emphasis on the snakes) than this fantastic, freedom-producing endeavour I'd heard all about from my peers.

What was going on?

Then I discovered a book called The Three Simple Steps by Trevor Blake and, in particular, a paragraph about The Winding Staircase.

In the book, Trevor talks about imagining an alien has landed, and she's never experienced a spiral staircase before. If you set her off up the stairs, half the time, she's going to think she's facing the wrong way when in fact, she's headed in the right direction, and if she keeps moving, she'll soon arrive at her intended destination.

If, however, in the confusion of facing the 'wrong' way, she keeps coming back down the stairs, she'll never reach the next floor.

It was the perfect analogy for my life at the time, and when I read that chapter, it was clear to me that so much of the time, I thought I was lost, floundering or straight-up failing; I was just on the winding staircase, and when I kept moving, I always came out of the other side closer to my destination.

Sometimes your journey may seem confusing, and you may even feel like you're heading backwards. This week, try to remind yourself that it's okay if things don't make perfect sense.

Repeat the affirmation'The Only Way Out Is Through' to help let go of any resistance and trust that even if you feel lost, you may be just around the bend from finding your way on your own winding staircase. It will all make sense in the end.

I believe in you (always).


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