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Making the Time for Reflection Alters My Perception

affirmations business mindset startup sessions tricia scott Nov 05, 2023
Making the Time for Reflection Alters My Perception

By Tricia Scott

It's been a busy time at CEO HQ, with business and personal commitments a-plenty. You know those weeks when you're doing everything in double time with barely a minute in between? Yeah, it's been one of those.

I'd love to say I sailed through the week unscathed with perfect hair and not an eyelash out of place, but hey, who am I kidding? I practically skidded into the weekend, resembling a wild woman with scary hair and coffee superglued to my fingertips.

Although you'll hear me talk about self-care and boundaries often (especially if we're working together), you must also know that none of us are perfect. We all have lists as long as our arms, deadlines whizzing by with a resounding whoooossshhh and meetings that go by the wayside as we look for magical ways to fit just five more minutes into each hour.

On and on it goes.

Does this sound familiar? (I see you)

Although the week was crazy busy, there were so many amazing and brilliant moments (most of them, actually). But I've noticed that when I'm busy, I stop noticing in favour of just not being late for the next thing. That's one of the reasons I began making a 'Sunday CEO' reel on Instagram. It's been a brilliant way to a) remind me to take more pictures of the stuff I get up to in a week and b) remind myself of the moments, some of which are tiny but that brought me joy, and if I hadn't snapped a picture I might have just forgotten about them altogether while I powered on to the next thing on my list.

If you find yourself landing on a Sunday night with no idea how you got there and feeling a bit windswept, consider finding a way to reflect. I know it sounds like another to-do, doesn't it? (don't come for me). But hear me out; it doesn't have to be a task. I tend to do mine from the settee in my PJs, and far from stressing about how busy the week was and what's to come, I usually find myself laughing or feeling immense gratitude as I go back over my week.

Think of it as an act of Sunday self-love and set yourself up for a fun week ahead, ready to snap those little pockets of happiness as they come up. The more I do it, the more I actively look for the things I enjoy and am grateful for as I go; it's a self-fulfilling Win/Win.

Try it, find a version that works for you and, most importantly, enjoy the process (it's kind of the entire point).

I believe in you (always).


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