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It's Not About You.

business mindset startup sessions the workroom tricia scott Jun 19, 2022

 As a fellow business owner and entrepreneur, I know only too well the struggle of doing all of the things. I have to remind myself to take a step back from the doing in my business and look at the customer experience. When was the last time you checked in? 

It can be challenging to see from another perspective when you're used to your own content, so if you need to, ask a friend unrelated to the business to sit with you and go through your offerings, blogs, social posts, online correspondence and onboarding process. How does it make them feel? Are they excited, inspired and optimistic? Or are they ready to scroll by because they're confused, unsure or lacking interest? I usually recommend you do this over wine; there's nothing like a glass or 2 of Pinot Grigio to bring out the truth from your besties, and in this case, the latter can be a tough pill to swallow.

I wrote about this today because I did this exercise with my own business recently (I did it with my coach, no alcohol was involved), and I realised quickly a) the next time I do this, I'm bringing wine and B) that my messaging was what I know. What I understand and what I think. While good, my onboarding process lacked information because I knew it, so I automatically assumed everyone else did too. Right down to the wording on my Instagram Highlights (yes, we went that far). My message wasn't actually about my ideal customer. Cue shock and horror. I know this stuff. I teach this stuff, so how come I was so far off track? 

The answer is that I was so deep working in my business that I was neglecting to work on my business. It sounds so simple, yet as we all know, simple ain't easy! Here's an insight into my thought process at the time: 

I don't have time to re-do this! 

Its finnneeee. 

The women I work with know what I do. They'll get it. 

Surely, what the wording on my Instagram highlights doesn't matter that much.

This could be better. 

This proves that I know what I do so well that I automatically write about it from my perspective. 

The message isn't wrong; the words I chose are.

This could be a lot better 

If this is my current wording and it's working, imagine how good it will be when I tweak it!

This is such an amazing opportunity to speak directly to my ideal customer! I'm doing this more often. Pass my diary; I'm checking this out quarterly! 

Don't get me wrong, this process took time, and no one likes to hear harsh feedback, especially entrepreneurs. After all, we're working our asses off trying to hold it all together, but this was one of those lessons I needed to be reminded of. It's not about me. At all. It's about the women visiting my website, reading my magazine and booking me as their coach. They want to be delighted, understood, excited and inspired, and it's my job to lead them through my offerings and deliver precisely what they need because I know them, and I've done the work to understand who they are and what they're looking for.

Schedule time, put some wine in the fridge and really look. What does your messaging say? Who is it for? Is it clear? Will your ideal customer read or view you and think this person understands me and this problem, I need this product or service in my life right now! Start there. What will it take to be so clear that they never scroll past your posts, highlight your emails to come back to again and again, and join waitlists so as not to miss anything you offer? 

Shoot for the moon and all that! 

As always, I believe in you. 


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