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I Have Plenty of Time and Energy to Do the Things I Need to Do

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Jul 23, 2023

I don't know about you, but this one struck a nerve with me. It's often the case that when I'm looking for an affirmation for the week ahead, I choose something I need to hear, and it's also why many of you tell me I've read your mind when you receive my weekly email. 


You see, no matter the business stage or where you find yourself, we're all in the same boat. 


I've lost count of the number of times recently I've heard myself say, 'I haven't got time,' and when I look back, I'm always saying no to the fun things! 


Want to meet for dinner? Sorry, no time this week!


Walk in the park after work? Sorry, I'll be working late.


Fancy a coffee and catch up? Maybe next week, I'm snowed under! 


Quite frankly, I'm boring myself. 


I used to wear my busyness like a badge of honour. Whenever someone asked me how things were going, I'd reply, 'Great! I'm SO BUSY', usually over my shoulder as I raced off to the next meeting or seminar, and they would be oh-so-impressed at my stamina and staying power. Look at her go! In reality though, I was mentally and physically worn out. I fully believed that to be seen as a success, you had to be ON IT at all times. 


Spoiler alert.


It's not true. Not only that, it's an actual prescription for burnout, especially when we factor in everything outside our jobs that still need to be done.


Thankfully after my second round of burnout, (a fast learner I am not), I picked up that lesson, and while I'm still ridiculously busy, I no longer wear it like a proud kid with a gold star sticker. I actively look for ways to be time smart and am much more careful with my work commitments and not saying yes to everything that comes my way. 


Having said all that, when I sit down on Sundays to look at my workload for the week ahead, I still sometimes get that momentary feeling of panic when I see the tasks lined up, each one clamouring for my utmost attention, but when that happens I remind myself that I have plenty of time and energy to do the things I need to do.


It's a matter of stopping, taking a breath and prioritising. That doesn't mean I do all my work tasks and then do the fun things. It means choosing a balance and remembering, above all else, it is a choice. 


Lean into this affirmation this week or whenever you feel panic setting in. Choose again as many times as you need to. Re-organise your day or take some of it off your plate until next week or the week after. Take a walk or connect with a friend when you need to, and know that the more fun things you choose, the more energy you'll have for the rest when you get back to it. It can feel counter-productive, but it really isn't. 


If you want to go the distance, make space. 


I believe in you (always).


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