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I Embrace Change Like A Goddess Riding A Crocodile

affirmations business mindset startup sessions tricia scott Oct 09, 2023
I Embrace Change Like A Goddess Riding A Crocodile

By Tricia Scott

Please fasten your seatbelt and return your tray to an upright position because this one is wild.

Many years ago, when I had gone through a divorce and things were all kinds of messy, the universe delivered a timely message in the form of a blog I stumbled across. It was one of those undeniable life-changing moments, and for the first time in months, I began to reframe the situation I was in, and in the darkness and confusion, there was a glimmer of light. 

That light came in the form of a Goddess from Hindu mythology. Her name was Akhilandeshvari, the Goddess of never not broken.

This was no ordinary Goddess. Let me just start by telling you she rides a freakin crocodile! In her world, broken does not equal weakness. In fact, she gains her power from being in a constant state of flux, never becoming whole or complete and therefore never facing limitation or becoming indebted to a toxic routine or pattern. 

Once I'd learned of her, I couldn't let the thought go. She settled into my brain and body like a fierce big sister, ready to remind me at every opportunity that it was in this state, that I was at my most powerful and from this place, I could be, do, and have anything I wanted because there was no certainty in my future anymore. While that felt outright terrifying, it was also a revelation. I had no expectations, and therefore anything was possible. It felt, dare I say, exciting. 

This Goddess literally gets her driving force from continuously pulling herself apart and choosing how to put herself back together, deciding in the moment what to keep and leave behind. She knows that this is how we become, by not having it all figured out but by knowing that we have to break apart to let the light in and shine on those places we rarely allow ourselves to explore. 

When I was researching this fearless crocodile riding powerhouse, I came across this from Eric Stoneberg:

Akhilanda is also sometimes described in our lineage like a spinning, multi-faceted prism. Imagine the Hope Diamond twirling in a bright, clear light. The light pouring through the bevelled cuts of the diamond would create a whirling rainbow of colour. The diamond is whole and complete, and BECAUSE it's fractured, it creates more diverse beauty. Its form is a spectrum of whirling colour. 

It is a beautiful thing to understand that it is in our state of uncertainty when society tells us we should be at our weakest that Akhilandeshvari declares the exact opposite, flies in the face of fear and rides her crocodile in the entirely opposite direction, her prism-like light shining in all directions like an unwavering declaration of independence. 

You can see why I love her, can't you? From the day I discovered her, I have had her on my office wall, where I can be reminded daily of the power of never not broken. I have passed on her story to friends, family and clients, but the most powerful message of all has been the one to myself. 

I am never not broken, and that is precisely how I like it. 

My advice to you today is to let the light in. Become a full spectrum dazzling prism and break apart as often as you need to. Stay unlimited and in a state of becoming because your power lies in that place. By constantly questioning your patterns, routines and direction, you get to choose for yourself, and that's powerful. 

JC Peters said, "In our brokenness, we are unlimited, and that means we are amazing."

I couldn't have put it better myself. 

I believe in you (always) 

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