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How To Survive A Curveball In Business

ambila nath business lifestyle mindset zen den Jun 12, 2023
Ambila Nath

Here we are, partway through 2023 - how's it going for you?

Are you on track to achieving/doing what you wanted in your business? Or did your life throw you a curveball, and the world around you suddenly changed?

As entrepreneurs, our focus is always on our business. Experts teach us and tell us to set goals, keep focus, and forge ahead - BUT that isn't possible when a major challenge comes crashing into our well-planned calendar.

One curve ball came crashing into my life in January 2023, when I was gearing up to uplevel the success of my business from the year before. It shook the ground beneath my feet - as no one expects it!

On a spiritual level - the greatest thing about curve balls (no matter how painful, scary or horrible they may be at the time) is that it is the universe's way of pushing you into a new direction and to see if you are ready for the mega change it brings.

Now at some point, most of us will deal with this sudden change in our lives and immediately shift our priorities - right? So how do we organise and rethink our calendar, responsibilities and goals in business and life? 

Firstly, we need to understand the journey through adversity. There are THREE clear phases:


The initial crisis — You go into operating on a minute-by-minute basis

The holding pattern — You have now moved on a day-by-day basis.  

The initial adversity has passed, but things have yet to resolve themselves or settle into your new reality. 

The post-curveball reality — You've regained some level of clarity of what work you feel ready to do in your business, and you're also getting more precise control over the other parts of your life.


This is the most important time that you do not fall into the 'All-or-Nothing' thinking

It is so easy for us to get overwhelmed and start to think, "I can't deal with this and the business at the same time," and giving up on things may seem like the only option at that moment, but that may also not be the best answer. 

Let's be honest, a crisis doesn't take away from the fact that we all need money to support ourselves. But how important is it, short term, in the scheme of what is going on in your life right now. Do you have savings, resources and other ways to support yourself?

Secondly, having a daily routine to wake up and keep you distracted but existing can be a blessing. Avoid making hasty decisions in any area of your business or life while your body and mind are transitioning through this journey.


Be honest with yourself, your team, clients, friends, and family.

99% of the people in your life will understand and support you while you exist through this curveball. How much of your adversity you wish to share depends on you. There is no right or wrong - just what FEELS right. 

There will always, sadly, be that 1% of the people in your life who won't be able to show up for you emotionally or physically. Let it go! 

Please don't waste the extra energy you won't have at that time worrying about them if you need or want to, store it away in your mind and deal with it later when/if you are ready to.


Gather your support network. You don't need to deal with the curveball experience all by yourself!

If you are a person that likes being in control, then this one may test you. Don't dismiss it with 'people will be busy, they don't have time for me etc.'. Regardless of your trait - you need to let others help you! 

Delegate the "to dos" to your team, family, friends and whoever has offered to pitch in. That love and support will help to build you back up and move forward quicker.

There is no time limit when you feel ready to move from phase one - minute-by-minute to phase two - day by day. All you need to do is Just be kind to yourself.

As you keep building yourself up each day - you will get to phase three, where you may feel ready to get back to working on your business rather than maintaining it.

Know that your priorities will continually shift and change, and all your previous goals may no longer feel right. That's okay! 

Remember, the universe has just forced a mega-change into your life - and you need to figure things out. You may find creative, new or different working methods to better serve you and your business.

During this time, build in lots of self-love and care. Take walks, meditate, meet friends for a coffee - it's alright that you aren't working 24/7 and pushing yourself to the edge to keep your business going. 

Your health and well-being are important - without them, there is no business. Just take small steps every day so you aren't overwhelmed. The goal is not just functioning at your best, you want to come out of this as strong as possible and ready to move forward and embrace your new reality 

Once we heal - if we are ready to see and accept it, the universe always has lessons to learn. Me - I'm still working through mine.

Has your life ever thrown you a curveball that's made you assess your business+life balance? What helped you reset your business and personal responsibilities and goals when your priorities changed in a moment?


Ambila Nath is a serial entrepreneur, certified coach, spiritual leader, international speaker and an avid follower of her passions. She is known for her 'Straight Taking Spirituality'.

With a corporate background in management consulting, Ambila is far from your stereotypical Spiritual Coach. She went from a 6 figure corporate job to having a spiritual business. She has worked with clients spanning 4 Continents and she knows that the greatest journey you can take is the one to build a relationship with yourself. Life isn't complicated - we are!

Ambila helps you manifest a business you love by aligning your energy, shifting your mindset and creating positive daily habits to grow your business using the 8-step Elevation process. The key to manifesting the Business you dream of. . . is knowing who you are!

You can find more about Ambila and her work here or look her up on LinkedIn, drop by on Facebook or Instagram or even watch her on Youtube


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