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I Am Led by Curiosity, Not Certainty

affirmations business lifestyle startup sessions tricia scott Oct 22, 2023
I am led by curiosity, not certainty

By Tricia Scott

During my recent appearance on Adam James Proud's Above Average Podcast, we discussed the evolution of the Female CEO from a personal blog to a global community and magazine. I always enjoy these types of interviews because they provide an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge our progress; often, we get so caught up in the day-to-day work that we forget how far we've come. It's like having an "Ah-Ha" moment when someone asks you the right question.

During the interview, we discussed some advice I was given when I was just starting out, writing, blogging, and still working full-time. That advice is something I very much credit for a huge amount of the success and growth of this business to date (and probably forever into the future), and it was this: 

'You may not yet fully realise the potential of your idea, so don't limit it prematurely. Stay in control, but be open to different paths and possibilities. This way, you can make informed decisions and course correct if you need to as you go'

I took that advice seriously. Every day since then, whenever an opportunity presents itself (and it happens most days in this business!), I let my curiosity guide me. I ask myself if it seems like a good idea and if it does, I remain open to the prospect and let it evolve naturally.

As someone who used to have a strong desire for control (read, total control freak), Tricia, I must say that it has NOT been easy for me. I have found myself freaking out on many occasions due to my need for certainty in every situation. However, as I continue to persist, I've become more comfortable with the fact that I don't always have all the answers and like magic, the more I let go, the more my business grows.

I often remind myself that this business would still be a blog if I hadn't listened to that advice because, at the time, that's all I could envision, and I am forever thankful that, at that time, others could see what I could not.

Connect to this affirmation when you feel yourself needing to stay firmly in control of every situation. Repeat the mantra and then ask yourself, what if? 

Remember, you don't have to go all in on every decision. This isn't about throwing caution to the wind and going full wild woman (although, how fun does that sound?), it's about remaining open to new ideas and directions; you can always reign it back if it doesn't work out. And if that happens, I promise you will learn something new.

Where can you lead with curiosity today? 

Stay open. I believe in you (always).


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