Want To Get Radical?

business mindset startup sessions tricia scott Jun 05, 2021

By Tricia Scott

I see you, opening the radical titled blog, you rebel!

Now that we’ve established your my kind of person, let’s talk about the matter at hand, and today, that is a question I have asked myself a lot recently.

Why do we keep doing things we hate in the name of business?

We all do it; somehow, somewhere down the line, we’ve learned that doing the stuff we love is wrong. If it feels like, god forbid, pleasure, then it’s got to be us dallying or farting around not taking this work stuff seriously, and we’re wasting time because good serious girls do business the hard way.


It’s so gross. I’ve been there so many times with genius levels of self-sabotage because IT HAS TO BE HARD AND FEEL HARD TO JUSTIFY MAKING MONEY FROM IT. We convince ourselves that it’s just not deserved if it didn’t have the fun sucked out of it until it resembled a sad, shrivelled raisin because these days suffering is worn as a badge of honour.

You do not need to do that to yourself! You have nothing to prove; even though it feels like cheating that you can enjoy your work, it’s really not. In fact, it’s totally allowed! Shocker! And not only that, by not loving what you do, you are actually cheating yourself! Who are we trying to impress anyway?

Can we all agree that pleasure is an essential part of the good business/ good life equation already? All of the good stuff happens when we do the things we love. Your life stops being about suffering and becomes a work of art. Your art, and it’s magnificent and glorious and unapologetic to the masses who will try to convince you that it’s not worth it unless it’s mensa level hard.

Not today, masses. I’m calling bullshit.

One day when you’re looking back on your life, what do you want to remember? The struggle or the moments of pure pleasure? Will you recount days and weeks that flew by in a creative joy and abundance, free from judgement (mostly your own)? Or will you speak of how hard you worked, even though you hated every second of it, waving your shiny hardship badges in the air? What will you answer when someone asks if you lived well?

If you really need a badge of honour, then make it about your unmatched and untouchable quality of life because, as one of my favourite authors Ash Ambirge says, ‘maybe, just maybe, aiming for pleasure is one of the most radical — and noble — moves you could make.’


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