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Top Three Signs You Should Audit Your Website

business michelle pontvert the workroom wow worthy websites Feb 03, 2023
Website Audit Michelle Pontvert

A website audit is an in-depth review of your website's design, performance, and functionality. And just like you need a regular checkup at the doctor's or dentist's every year, your website needs to be assessed regularly.

By conducting a thorough audit, you can identify areas of improvement and make changes that will increase your conversion rate and website traffic. Be sure to make these crucial updates - your website's success depends on them!

Keep reading to learn the top three signs indicating you should look closely at your website.


Your site hasn't been updated in months (or years!)

If it's been a while since you've touched your site, a website audit can help you determine which changes need to be made to ensure your site is up-to-date, relevant, and engaging for visitors.

You can conduct your own self-assessment if you're relatively comfortable with web design and digital marketing best practices. Still, often it's best to call in a professional to review your website and catch any improvement opportunities you might otherwise miss.


You're getting traffic to your site, but your conversions are low 

The good news in this instance is that you're getting traffic! 

The bad news is that traffic is fleeing your website before ever signing up for your email list or purchasing your offer, which is different from what you want as a business owner, right?

A website audit can help you identify where those website visitors are clicking off your site and pinpoint the underlying issues hurting your conversion rate.

Without this strategic step, any updates you make to your website will be stabbing in the dark at fixing your issues. While with an in-depth audit, you can know confidently that any updates you make will be well worth your time and investment!


Your business has evolved, but your website hasn't

This happens to the best of us! Things change, and your website can sometimes get left behind as you grow into this new stage of your business. But this creates a disjointed experience for your audience and can undermine your other marketing efforts.

If you're planning to keep your existing website and update it to match your new business direction, you'll want to be careful to keep what's already working! This is particularly important if you've cultivated good rankings in Google for any of your content.

An expert audit can help you identify where your new messaging and offers can fit into your existing site and protect the hard work you've already put into your site.

If you're experiencing any of these three challenges, then a website audit is the perfect starting point for upgrading your site and getting it working harder for your business. Get started on your own with my simple Website Self-Audit Guide that walks you through the six essential elements of a high-converting website, or book a Website Audit to have me take care of the deep-dive review of your site for you!


Michelle Pontvert is a website design Queen who helps her clients to create strategically designed websites that help them grow their coaching, consulting, and service-based businesses without burning out or missing more time with their families.

If you're ready to connect with and convert your dream clients through your website so you can finally enjoy the life/work balance that inspired you to start your business in the first place, you can meet Michelle here.






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