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The Art of Holding Ourselves Back

ask janine business janine wirth mindset Jul 05, 2022

I recently had a very interesting experience that I would like to share with you in the hopes that you might experience the same "a-ha" moment it provided me.

Every entrepreneur I know, including myself, starts our businesses with a big WHY. We hold this sacred vision of ourselves, what our business will accomplish and how it will change our lives and that of our loved ones.

That tiny seed gets planted in our hearts and, with time, love and attention, eventually blossoms into our vision and legacy.

In the online space, we have some very stereotypical milestones as entrepreneurs:

- The first sale
- The first 5k month
- The first 10k month
- The 6 figure year
- The 7 figure year
- The 50k month
- The 100k month

You get my drift...

We're always chasing the next significant milestone- now, don't get wrong, I'm am ALL IN for having ambition, desire and dreams; however, I notice, and I'm guilty of this too- in zoning in on the "next
big milestone" it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

By bigger picture, I mean the REAL WHY, the vision so big that it surpasses any numbers or traditional milestones...

Mine, for instance, is that I want to help put money into the hands of women while assisting them to heal and become who they were always meant to be. My clients are the disruptors of their bloodlines, the ones who are courageous enough to transmute generational trauma and create wealth and opportunities that their families have never known.

I'm sharing this because a mentor of mine challenged me recently in the best way possible. She asked, "what are you holding off on that will serve your big picture intention?" Of course, the logical brain, feeling challenged, responds with nothing. What could she mean? I'm doing all the things.

But I wasn't. Because "ONE DAY", I wanted to offer a scholarship for my beginner business coaching program- the one that helps new entrepreneurs hit that 2nd yummy milestone, the famous 5k month.

So what is stopping me from doing it now? Why am I holding off on my big vision desires that perfectly fit into my mission? Why was I actively holding myself back with this one piece of my legacy puzzle and, in turn, expanding my timeline instead of doing the thing and collapsing my timeline?

I'm not ready.

Why not? Don't you already have a 100% success rate with that program?

Of course, I do.

What if my following isn't big enough?

Really? You don't have ANY women in your audience with such tremendous potential; all they need is some support?

Of course, I do.

And as I went through this process of challenging all of these "reasons", it became evident that the only obstacle was me waiting on that special "one day" to arrive with drum rolls, flashes of lightning, and perhaps trumpets announcing it's finally here!?

Of course, that's never going to happen because I have to decide and make a move. I'm the key that unlocks the next step of my big vision legacy.

So, without the dramatic trumpets and flashes of lighting, it turns out that "one day" has just become TODAY.

And it is with such deep gratitude at all the experiences that have brought me to this place that I finally choose to pay it forward and offer the first-ever scholarship for a 6-month beginner group business coaching scholarship, so I can help put money into the hands of a female entrepreneur who has fantastic potential, instead of just dreaming about it.

So, if you feel this calling you, you're welcome to APPLY HERE before 1 pm on Sunday the 10th of July.

For those of you who are further on your entrepreneurial journey, I invite you to take a look at your legacy and ask yourself, where are you holding back? I hope the answer opens your eyes as it did mine, and you take that next step.


 Janine Wirth is the proud founder of Path to Healing Therapy and Coaching. Her mission is to help female entrepreneurs heal their emotional baggage, heal unresolved emotional trauma and PTSD without spending years in therapy and create spectacular business success for themselves. You may have read her story in The Spotlight and if so you’ll know why she’s so passionate about her work so when she got the opportunity to work alongside The Female CEO and provide a monthly question and answer she was thrilled! 

You can read all about Janine and her work here or catch up socially on Facebook or LinkedIn





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