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Success Is Found in Every Moment We Find Satisfaction

business mindset startup sessions tricia scott May 26, 2024

By Tricia Scott.


I had a lovely few days off recently, taking actual time away from my business, travelling around and spending time with friends. For part of that time, I was staying close to the sea, which always sets my creativity on fire 🔥 I'm not sure if it was that or having an extended rest period, but my brain is buzzing with all kinds of new ideas and plans. I'm actually starting work a little later so that I can enjoy the moment and really give those ideas room to breathe and develop before jumping into my regular tasks, and it feels amazing. 

One of the things that occurred to me as I sat at the end of a pier, surrounded by sparkling sea and drinking a caramel latte while away, was the overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. Afterwards, I couldn't remember the last time I allowed myself time to feel into that, so let me ask you, when did you last sit back and think, 'I am satisfied.' 

Not, when I achieve x I will be happy, or when x does y I will have everything I want.

I mean now, as in today. Are you satisfied? 

We often equate our satisfaction or success with a destination, but the truth is everything is a journey, and each destination or goal will set us off on another path of discovery. We become obsessed with the when of life, but what about the now? 

Abraham Hicks says, 'You will never get it done. Life is supposed to be fun. No one is taking score of any kind, and if you stop taking score so much, you will feel a lot better — and as you feel a whole lot better, more of the things you want right now will flow to you.' 

Success is found in every moment we find satisfaction. When we do that, we naturally release the resistance that keeps us stuck, allowing more of what we want into our experience.  

Check-in with yourself this week and connect to the moment you are in. What can you be satisfied with? Is the sun on your face? Are the kids finally sleeping? Do you have a warm place to sit or work? Did you just land your dream client? 

There is always something to celebrate; don't miss it on the way to a version of success. 

Don't wait. 

Celebrate now and watch your world change around you. 

I believe in you (always).


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