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Returning To The Office With A Bang!

lifestyle lisa talbot the pocket stylist the retreat Nov 04, 2022

Are you returning to the office after working from home for a few months?

Did you have a 'business uniform'?

Did you have a 'casual' uniform?

Has the office 'dress code' shifted to a whole new look?

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what to wear to return to the office? 

Trust me, you are not alone and in this article, I will share with you my hints, tips & ideas about what to wear for a triumphant return to the workplace. 


Tips to repurpose your existing wardrobe 

Over the last eighteen months, our work/life has changed, with many working from home. Going back to the office may look very different, so think of your past 'work wardrobe' and see how you can wear it differently. Here a some ideas: 

  • Look to repurpose an item with a different use, for example, add a trainer to a pair of formal work trousers to dress down.
  • Add a shirt that you may have used to elevate an outfit to jeans or casual trousers.
  • Deconstruct a suit and wear the blazer more casually.
  • Build a capsule wardrobe (a small selection of items that all work together to create great looks). This gives you more flexibility. 
  • Team a dress with ankle boots, a skirt with a knit or a pair of trousers with a t-shirt and blazer.

Look into your wardrobe and don't be afraid to remove items. Pay them forward to a charity or an organisation that will benefit and remember to only have items in your wardrobe you love & that makes you feel good & gives you confidence. 

I live by the saying, 'Fail to plan, plan to fail,' and I believe that if you plan your outfits, you will find the day you head back into the office much less daunting. With the look and feel of the office taking a more relaxed approach, here are a few fab outfit ideas; 

  • A dress and ankle boots with a piece of jewellery topped with a Teddy coat.
  • A pair of jeans with a collared shirt, blazer and trainers.
  • A pleated skirt, a knit, a leather jacket and heels.
  • A straight/skinny pair of trousers, long sleeve tee, a duster coat and a pair of trainers. Use accessories to complete your outfit, using belts, handbags and jewellery.


The Capsule Wardrobe 

A capsule wardrobe allows every item of clothing to be worn in the knowledge that it will mix easily with others so that the whole closet is used regularly. The net effect is that although the person may own far fewer items of clothing, their look and style are far more varied. Your ideal capsule wardrobe will be based on your lifestyle. Here are my recommendations: 

  • Trousers: (Quantity - 2-4 pairs) one pair of casual trousers, one pair of jeans and two pairs of formal trousers (will be based on your lifestyle).
  • Skirts: (2-3) one casual patterned skirt, one casual skirt and one pencil / pleated skirt. 
  • Shirts/Blouses: (2) one plain shirt and one patterned shirt (different fabrics) 
  • Tops: (6-8) a mixture of plain and patterned – mainly smart/casual. 
  • Dress - (2-3 ) to suit your lifestyle
  • Shoes: (4 pairs) ankle boots, trainers, loafer/ballet pump & heels 
  • Jacket: (3) two casual well-fitting jackets and one smart jacket 

'Getting it right gives us confidence.' 


Tips from a stylist

  • Stylish additions: smart-heeled shoes/boots, scarves, unique jewellery, a cashmere cardigan/wrap/jumper, and two handbags.
  • Choose interesting shirts you can dress up with trousers, skirts & jeans with a belt, scarf. 
  • Look for plain, luxurious and good-quality fabrics. 
  • Be sure to buy all your essential items in neutral colours, such as trousers, skirts, jackets and coats. 
  • Invest in some designer jeans that flatter your figure. 


I hope you have enjoyed reading about how to get back to the office confidently! 


Lisa is an award-winning personal stylist who has been in the industry for 14 years. She believes that your wardrobe and clothes should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and body shape and that there must be flexibility to create a wardrobe that works for you.

Lisa is also a wife, a mum of three, and a dog and horse owner. With a busy life, she fully understands that your style should be effortless, reflect what you do, and should certainly not be hard work. Find out more here.




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