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Ready or Not, Here You Go: Good Things Come to Those Who Act

business mindset startup sessions tricia scott Jun 30, 2024
Ready or Not, Here You Go: Good Things Come to Those Who Act

By Tricia Scott.

How many times have you heard yourself utter these very words... 

- It's not the right time. 

- It's not quite there yet

- It's not as good as ___ insert whatever here 

- When I've got more time 

- When I've lost that last few lbs

Did you recognise one of them? All of them? Me too. Let's get real. It could always be better; we're all busy, and you know what? 

It's always going to be the case. 

There's always going to be a job to do, a house to clean, kids to feed, pets to take care of someone's birthday party to attend or twenty-million-other seemingly right now priorities to take care of.

Let me tell you, procrastination and postponing are more than just dangerous habits. They steal entire periods of our lives. If you want to be stuck, bored or just plain pissed off, then procrastination station is the place for you. Unlaunched businesses, unfulfilled dreams, untaken holidays and unmet wishes are all housed right here. 

So, my question to you today is this. Why would you want that for yourself (obviously you don't, or you wouldn't be here), and what are you putting off because you need more time to make it perfect?

Building a website? Writing that book? Starting a blog?  Finishing a project and putting it out to the world? Wearing that dress? Attending the events? 

I came up against this very thing last week when I was making changes to the website. I was doing well, too. I hadn't compared it to anyone else's; I'd actually allowed it to flow into the exact vision I held for it, and then at the last minute.


I swear I just took a peek at a couple of other sites, but before I knew it, everything was wrong. It was too plain, too pink, too magazine-y, too feminine and not feminine enough, and my picture was too big. Look at the size of my FACE! 


I almost didn't hit publish on the changes. Hey, I'm only human, right? But then I remembered that procrastination is a false comfort.

I promise you, there isn't a better time than now; no matter what else is going on, there will never be a better time to get it done because when you wait, you lose.

While you wait, someone else is making the time to put it out there, and you know what? They're not ready either, but the difference is that they aren't taking any mind crap from themselves; they're ready to push the button, make some money, generate some followers and look fucking fabulous. 

The world will be a better place because of you. Your action will show others that it's possible. You are bigger than your doubts; you made it happen, and they can, too. 

I'll leave you this week with this kick-ass quote from one of my all-time faves, Ash Ambirge 

'Good things don't come to those who wait. Good things come to those who wait for no one' 

The time is right now. 

I believe in you always.


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