Personal Stylising Secrets Stylists Don’t Want to Share for Free

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Personal Stylising Secrets Stylists Don’t Want to Share for Free

Fashion isn't an easy thing to get right; often, it can focus more on the clothing rather than the individual, and it's one of the most subjective industries in the world. Personal style has become one of the principal ways we express our personalities and showcase our individuality.

The way we wear our clothes and style them is heavily influenced by external factors such as; lifestyle, family, work, childhood, social media, and weight loss or gain, to name a few. Most of us have a complex relationship with our style; however, its' one of those ongoing processes of exploration that's become a fundamental way to express ourselves.

Many of the clients I work with seek access to my styling superpower secrets to help them foster great style, and in this article, I'm going to share some of my favourite tricks of the trade with you.


Super Style Secret #1 - Use prints, details, and patterns to draw attention to your features

Besides adding some personality to your outfits, creative prints and interesting detail can draw attention to your features.

Adding volume to Athletic frames, choose light and bright colours, as they naturally make your body look curvier as they reflect the light.

Hourglass body shapes can use anything to accentuate that small waist, from belts to garment detailing.

Pear frames, try wearing bold prints and patterns on the upper half and choose minor detail and designs for the lower.

Apple shapes, opt for fabrics that have substance and skim your curves. Just be vigilant where you put the details, so you'll only highlight the features in question.


Super Style Secret #2 - Combine expensive items with budget finds

Investment pieces are always a good deal as they can serve you for a lifetime, and you'll get more value from them, especially if they're classic. However, you don't have to spend a lot to look fashionable. Simply mix high-end pieces with less expensive ones to upgrade your look.


Super Style Secret #3 - Less is more

A minimalist style is one of the most uncomplicated and sophisticated looks you can opt for when getting dressed. The key is to add some interest to your silhouette via fabric, textures, and accessories. Try to focus on a few well-chosen quality outfits to pull the look together to provide an effortless individual less is more look.


Super Style Secret #4 - You're not dressed without accessories

An outfit doesn't come alive until it's been accessorised. You can completely convert the outfit's personality by styling it up with accessories to create your unique look. Please don't underestimate the power of a good pair of sunglasses or lipstick; they can really jazz any outfit up!


Super Style Secret #5 - Don't undervalue the power of a classic T-shirt

T-shirts can be the essential piece in your closet, why? Because they are durable, never date, and you can have bags of fun dressing them up with a blazer, jeans, pencil skirt and heels, and there are so many great varieties of T-shirts from designer to high street to choose from.


Super Style Secret #6 - Trends are suggestions, not golden rules

Trends are simply suggestions or guidelines of what to wear each season. No matter what's trending at that moment in time, always stay true to yourself and your personal style.


Super Style Secret #7 - If in doubt, try it on

During our sessions, many clients have said, "that's not for me," the style, pattern or length won't work, but they were wholly converted once they tried it on. Give it a go; It might surprise you and become your favourite go-to piece of clothing.


Super Style Secret #8 - Sizes don't matter

There are no standard sizes in clothing because there are no standard sizes of people. Read that again.

No two people in the world have the same proportions—bust, shoulder width, arm length, waist etc. So, stop worrying about the size on the clothing tag; sizing was only established for the fashion industry to make clothes with a reference guide.

People get too heavily invested in sizing; it's more about how the garment fits, feels, and style, not the actual size.


Final thoughts of a Style Coach

No matter your belief around fashion or style, it all comes down to having the confidence to make your own choices and being true to yourself. Style and fashion are both creative and effective tools to help you hone your true sense of style.


 Nichola English is addicted to fashion. From an early age picking out clothes for friends and family, she always had an eye for style which only expanded as she got older, eventually creating her business, The Wardrobe Provocateur. 

Nichola adores working with women (and men) across the world discovering personal style, reinventing that old tired wardrobe and realising new confidence and vitality through coaching, shopping and good old clearing out of the old. You can read her full story of becoming The Wardrobe Provocateur here. 



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