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I Show Up for My Dream, No Matter What

business mindset startup sessions tricia scott Aug 28, 2023

By Tricia Scott

While some people fear change and new beginnings, I've always embraced them. 

It's not that it's not hard at the beginning; it totally is. Diving into the unknown and releasing your idea to the world without any assurance that it will work out can be flat-out terrifying.  

But exciting.

The adrenaline will carry you through this startup phase, and it's just as well; otherwise, 99 out of 100 ideas would never make it over the starting line. 

The start wasn't the most challenging part of my entrepreneurial journey. The hardest part, by far, has been the consistency. Showing up every single day. 

- When you don't have any paying clients yet

- When you don't receive a single email for five days straight

- When you don't feel like it

- When you look back on the days of a steady income and think, 'that sub-zero office cubicle and 2-hour commute wasn't so bad, was it?'  

Excitement and passion are different things. Excitement is the feeling when it's new and the possibilities seem endless, but passion is what will see you through. 

The space in between is when you need to dig in and call on the memory of your excitement at the beginning. Leaning into your passion for why you're doing this, you must remind yourself that your dream is bigger than your doubts. 

Choose hard every time.

Believe in it. Belief comes before money, notoriety and clients. It's present long before the material manifestation. Trust this process and remember, overnight success is never just that. 

Choose the bigger dream over the daily drag; your time will come, and it will be glorious because you decided it to be that way. 

You did that. 

Lean into this affirmation when it's getting tough, emails aren't coming in, and the clients aren't showing up. Stop throwing down obstacles on an already cluttered path and remind yourself that you must choose to persist regardless. Get to your desk, pick up that laptop and get it done. The world needs what you have to offer. 

I'm so excited about what's in store for you. As always, I believe in you.


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