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I Am Becoming

Sep 24, 2023
I Am Becoming

By Tricia Scott 

It stands to reason that as we journey through life and its cycles, we find ourselves occasionally facing backwards to move forward (remember the way of the winding staircase?)

It's usually around these times that we reminisce about the old us. The women we once were. Perhaps she was younger, more carefree, happier, more adventurous... the list goes on. We long for her and how she felt.  

I invite you, at these times, to consider that while she may have been more of these things in hindsight, what was really going on was that she was becoming.  

As we grow and adopt stability, families, work and all of the other responsibilities, we feel like we become suspended in time, we develop routines, and our days suddenly seem longer and less... fun. This isn't to say we don't love our life, far from it. It also isn't to say that my next advice will be to buy a one-way ticket to Bora Bora and leave a post-it on the fridge signed Laters! xoxo  

I mean, I can't stop you, but... I digress 😉 

If any of this feels like you, I suggest you start looking for ways to infuse the new into your day. Repeat this affirmation and immerse yourself in new experiences, people and places. Become an explorer of pleasure (even in your own city) because you won't find the feeling you seek down the back of the sofa you sit on; it's outside of your living room, and the only way to feel like that old you again is to embrace the possibilities. 

As humans, we excel when we embrace the new, and this is where you will find the old you. It's not an issue with your age, status or responsibilities.  

It's about becoming.  

It's about embracing adventure and thriving on the possibilities of what's to come. This is how we change, and as we do, we find ourselves facing forward once again, ever-ascending the spiral staircase, and when it comes around again, and it will, we will be well equipped to keep climbing.  

The magic is in the movement.  

I believe in you (always).


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