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How To Use Instagram The Right Way

business instagalactic jake davey social media the workroom Jun 13, 2022

Instagram can be instrumental in creating a name for yourself and your business when used correctly. You have the world at your fingertips and access to markets and an audience all over the globe. Using Instagram the right way is essential in increasing your growth. Spending time on the ‘RIGHT’ areas and putting in the time and the effort needed will help you get the best results.

90% of Instagram happens on your phone, it’s a part of everyday life, and it’s excellent news for business owners simply because it helps to keep people connected. You are connected to a market of millions of people through a social media app.

Your Audience

The size of your audience is an integral part of Instagram. Without an audience, you have no one to market to and no one to buy into what you are ‘selling’ or promoting. People want to grow an audience, so ensure your audience is genuine and authentic; they are real people and followers—the bigger your audience, the bigger the opportunity to monetise. You are building your credibility through your audience, so, If you are a business selling something, the larger your audience, the easier it is to drive them to the link in your bio.


Marketing & Selling

The biggest thing to remember is to market publicly and sell privately. Creating an open and inviting space for people to engage and connect with you will encourage and generate influence among your audience, which will inadvertently draw them to what you are providing.


Make a Plan

Make sure you have a plan in place and are actively taking steps towards this plan. This will guide you to work towards your goals! Using your content correctly by sharing valuable information and focusing on what you can give and provide to your audience is a great way to grow on Instagram.

Try these tips yourself, and let me know how you get on in The Community!


 Jake Davey is the UK’s leading Instagram expert. Former high school French and Spanish teacher turned online entrepreneur, Jake shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to build an authentic audience on Instagram and be seen as the go-to authority in their industry.
His Flagship program, InstaGalactic follows the proven, 6-Step ROCKET system and shows people how to explode their brand on Instagram so they can impact on a global scale. 
He is passionate about helping business owners to scale by leveraging the power of Instagram via his online course, 1:1 and group coaching, hosting the INfluence podcast, and international speaking engagements.
Jake currently has an audience of over 65K followers on Instagram, and has helped hundreds of large and small businesses to influence more people, and build authentic, engaged audiences that convert.



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