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How to Open Your Life to Abundance

ambila nath lifestyle money the retreat zen den Sep 10, 2021

By Ambila Nath.

I remember the time in my life that I spent doing the things I needed to do in order to change my mindset so that I could attract abundance.

I had always been the person feeling that I had been left behind and that others were achieving what I wanted. My goals and dreams were there right in front of me, but I just couldn’t seem to achieve them. I was doing everything in my power but the results were not showing up and there was no guarantee when they would.

So, what prompted this change and what got me started in taking ‘Massive Positive Actions’?

I got sick and tired of the way my life was

I got tired of constantly complaining that I was not seeing the results, even though I was putting a lot of work into my personal development, and my business

I was fed up listening to myself and the people around me constantly complaining about the lack of wealth, love, abundance, etc., in their lives

I was fed up hearing that the rich were getting richer, and the poor were being hard done by.

Everyone wants an abundant life, but how do you get one?

Abundance is energy and is therefore all around us, waiting for us to tap into it. No one is promised more or less abundance than any other person. When it comes to opening the door to receiving more love, happiness, creativity, and obscene wealth, there are a few things that need to be done in order to let the energy flow.



Your mindset sets the path for a lot of things in your life and how you perceive the world to be. Consciously learn to build your awareness of your thoughts and what life keeps on giving you. Do you constantly moan about the lack of a love life, money, ideal job, working with people you don’t like, etc? What pattern do you keep repeating as a result?

Making less money (or just enough to live month to month)

Having the wrong kind of love – men who don’t respect you or have time for you

Attracting a lot of closed doors in your business – no paying clients, services/products for free.

Control your thoughts – like attracts like. So, change your thoughts and focus on the positive things that are happening in your life.



Be clear on what you want in your life. Use the coaching tool ‘Wheel of Life’ to help guide you by breaking things down into different areas, i.e., family and friends, health, relationships and love, career, social, etc. For each area write down what intentions you want to achieve and how you want things to be in your life without any limitations being set.



This is always the most testing thing of all. We as human beings love to control things. We love to have the assurance that everything is going to turn out the way we want, when we want and how we want it. But the art of attracting abundance is not to worry about how or when things will come to you, it’s about following the path that you have set and going with the flow.



Be willing to let go of all the things, situations and people that are no longer bringing happiness and peace into your life. We, humans, are afraid of facing the unknown and we create the blocks in our lives by holding on to things – all because we are resisting change. It’s only when you make a conscious choice to let go of the negative – old clothes, objects, friends, relationships, etc., that you open the space up to allow abundance to come in and with it bring in new things.



Believe that you deserve abundance and wealth. The blocks that stop us from receiving abundance into our lives are all in our belief system. Somewhere in our subconscious, we hold many beliefs that we don’t deserve or will never have what we want. To shift these negative thoughts, we need to:

Gain awareness

Use tools such as affirmations, EFT, and hypnosis to help shift and get rid of those old-embedded beliefs.



Regardless of how little or how much you may have at present, always be grateful for every little thing that comes into your life – no matter how small. Acknowledging what you have is telling the universe that you are thankful for what is being given to you and that you are open to receiving more, bigger, and better.



Nothing in life just drops into your lap. So, keep focused and take the small daily steps towards accomplishing your dreams. You cannot follow the first 6 steps and think that will be enough to manifest what you want. You have to take action to make things happen.


It doesn’t matter how small you start; the important thing is that you make a start because you and your dreams are worth it.


Ambila Nath is a Spiritual lifestyle coach, serial entrepreneur, tarot reader, energy healer and a paid international speaker. She has worked with clients for over 2 decades helping them to build the life that they deserve by finding their life path, gaining self-confidence to just be themselves, starting successful businesses and trusting in love again.

You can find more about Ambila and her work here or look her up on LinkedIn, drop by on Facebook or Instagram or even watch her on Youtube.


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