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Grow faster on Instagram (by leveraging other people’s followers)

business instagalactic jake davey social media the workroom Feb 20, 2022

By Jake Adam Davey.

Let’s be very clear from the off. Here at InstaGalactic, we’ve tried and tested multiple growth methods; of course we have(!) all to varying degrees of success. And the fastest and most effective way to grow is by combining several strategies and using all features of the platform: Hashtags, Reels, Carousel Posts, to name just a few.

However, if we had to pinpoint one strategy, one single area which (if you could only use one growth strategy) you MUST use, this would be THE ONE!

Collaborations and “Shoutouts”

Unquestionably the most significant influence on the growth across all of our accounts has to be collaborating with other (carefully chosen) accounts of a similar mind frame to our own: dedicated accounts looking to Supercharge their Instagram growth and grow a HUGE following quickly.

A group of like-minded accounts that will like and comment on each other’s content regularly (and ideally in a structured manner) is something quite magical if you can find it. Yes, it may take some searching, but once you’ve found it, well, it truly will bring about some incredible results for your account growth.

Share for Share, Shoutout for Shoutout, engagement groups, Instagram pods, whatever you want to call them are the best way to grow. It’s out there, and your tribe is there just waiting for you to join, engage, share and grow together! These groups are often fast-moving and can evolve quickly.

For the latest information on finding engagement groups and the exact engagement group that we use, take a look here


Here are three things to keep in mind when joining an engagement group

Some groups are free, and others are paid. For a few dollars each month, I’d recommend a paid group - especially if the group is well organised, and all you need to do is show up (trust me, it’ll save HOURS of time and headache!)

Not every single account in the engagement group will be in your niche or a perfect fit for your audience, and THAT’S OK! The key focus for the group is finding like-minded accounts that want to grow and will help you grow too - use the first group as your “gateway” to more, better-targeted groups.

Quickly outsource the tasks - engagement groups will give you tremendous growth, but the actions can be time-consuming day-to-day. Find someone to do the engagement for you and free up your time to focus on the income-generating tasks in your business. 


 Jake Davey is the UK’s leading Instagram expert. Former high school French and Spanish teacher turned online entrepreneur, Jake shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to build an authentic audience on Instagram and be seen as the go-to authority in their industry.
His Flagship program, InstaGalactic follows the proven, 6-Step ROCKET system and shows people how to explode their brand on Instagram so they can impact on a global scale. 
He is passionate about helping business owners to scale by leveraging the power of Instagram via his online course, 1:1 and group coaching, hosting the INfluence podcast, and international speaking engagements.
Jake currently has an audience of over 65K followers on Instagram, and has helped hundreds of large and small businesses to influence more people, and build authentic, engaged audiences that convert.



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