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From Darkness to the Light – Winter Solstice

ambila nath lifestyle the retreat zen den Dec 21, 2021

By Ambila Nath.

Tuesday 21st December is historically known as the ‘Winter Solstice’. It’s seen as a magical time by many communities and cultures and is also known by other names—Yule, Midwinter, The Longest Night. This day marks the depth of winter and has the ‘Longest night’ and the ‘Darkest day’.

When autumn starts, we begin to descend into the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer. It is a time when we start to step into our very own hibernation mode, curling up in front of warm fires, wrapping up in snuggly blankets and spending more time indoors.

Everything in nature becomes dormant in the earth, and the energy becomes about going within and a time of reflection. This is an excellent time for us to embrace this darkness, not just the one outside our homes but the one that is within us. 

When you fear your darkness, you cut yourself off from an essential source of your power. The key is not to let the darkness overwhelm your life and thoughts but to understand that it can be one of the most significant catalysts for personal growth and transformation. 

By allowing yourself to open up old wounds and experience the painful emotions, you are opening yourself up to the road to healing. 

As a coach, tarot reader and energy healer, I know how important it is to let go of pain and the things that are no longer serving us. By holding onto these things, we end up doing more harm to our health and lives than we realise.

The solstices and equinoxes offer us a time to become more aware of our energy and choose how to steer it. It calls for us to look back on the year that’s almost gone and see what things are no longer serving us. This is a perfect time for letting go of old patterns, behaviours, people, things and situations that no longer bring us joy. 

Using this time to change, what has been, will allow you to start planning, energetically, what seeds of intention you want to plant for your future. 

You may want to take some time to honour and acknowledge the endings and new beginnings in your life in a ceremony or personal ritual that both honours your past and clears space to make room for what you wish for in the coming year. I have listed a few rituals for inspiration:


Burning ritual:

Burning rituals are commonly performed to release something that no longer benefits you. The smoke symbolises the negative thoughts and feelings drifting away and carries positive affirmations and prayers to the universe for it to be fulfilled.


Steps to perform a burning ritual:

Step 1: Make sure you are outdoors when doing this.

Step 2: Write down all the things you want to let go of in your life. Be careful to keep your emotions calm and balanced so that you can have the most potent effect of the ritual.

Step 3: Once the list is complete, throw the piece of paper into the flame or burn it using a lit candle. Imagine your worries and fears being carried away in the smoke as you see the paper burning.


Using crystals

Crystals come in many forms and colours, each with its unique properties. Several varieties can help you let go of negative feelings connected with your past. I am just covering some of the more popular crystals for now:

Rose quartz: is a crystal of unconditional love and is well known for its powerful healing properties. Wearing rose quartz around your neck or carrying a tumble stone around with you can help you let go of negative emotions, learn to forgive, and help you to self-love and trust again.

Citrine: is a wonderful crystal to raise your self-esteem and build confidence after a traumatic or difficult period. The yellow colouration is a great reminder to live life with a positive attitude and to let go of the past. This crystal is also one of the best crystals for anger issues.

Aragonite: is a powerful grounding stone, making it a very beneficial stone to have if you are prone to mood swings, as it helps to balance emotions and relieve stress. It is also great to use when meditating as it helps to calm the mind and promote inner peace.

During this period of darkness, do not pressure yourself to make changes right away or be in action mode. Just be open and allow your energy to naturally guide you to receive inspiration and the path to your new life. 

Once we pass 21st December, the days start to grow longer, and the nights become shorter – the journey is now moving from Darkness to Light and with that comes ‘Spring’ and new beginnings.

Whatever you choose to do to mark the end of the year, the coming of the new, and the rebirth of the light— whether pausing in quiet reflection or celebrating the new, know that there will be many fires burning brightly and many things being released!

Wishing you an abundant and prosperous year ahead! 


Ambila Nath is a Spiritual business coach, serial entrepreneur, tarot reader, energy healer and international speaker. She helps you to feel and get unstuck in business. She has worked with clients for over 2 decades to just be themselves, starting successful businesses and in trusting the process.

You can find more about Ambila and her work here or look her up on LinkedIn, drop by on Facebook or Instagram or even watch her on Youtube



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